Ontario Bill C118 Update

Over the last little while there has been the ongoing fears of the new Ontario Goverment latest attempt to regulate common sense.  No we should not be using a cell phone while driving because its hard to text and drive.  The same goes for the mini DVD Players as the traffic distracts us from the movie…. 

There has been discussions and and speculation of the impact this law would have on Amateur Radio Operators and our mobile ops…

I strongly suggest you check out the RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada) Blog by following *****THIS LINK***** for up to date information on this topic.  They are doing an excellent job of keeping us informed and rather than me post all the same stuff you will be seeing all over the web…Just follow the link and read their info…

Of course once it is closer to becoming law I will be voicing my opinions but until then lets get our facts correct before we spout off at the mouth…


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