A chance for a Cross-Canada Special Event

Hi guys and heres hoping you have a great weekend.  A few days ago I was reading the RAC Blog and found this very interesting entry and decided to follow up on this a bit.

I sent off an email to “Spud” asking for a bit more information.  Although he did not really send me anything that was not on the RAC Blog Page the intent is that he would like to see an amateur station set up at the 25 points he has as “ Port Wave Stations”  The list is as follows:

CFH Halifax, Nova Scotia

CFI Quebec City, Quebec

CFL Gaspe, Quebec

CFS St. John’s, Newfoundland – this call sign was changed to CZP in November 1942

CGH Rigolet, Labrador (Lake Melville – Goose Bay area)

CKH Toronto, Ontario

CKK Shelburne, Nova Scotia

CKR Mulgrave, Nova Scotia (Canso Strait)

CZC Saint John, New Brunswick

CZD Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

CZE Sydney, Nova Scotia

CZI Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia

CZJ Quoddy, Nova Scotia (Eastern Halifax County)

CZP St. John’s, Newfoundland

CZR Rimouski, Quebec

CZS Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

West Coast:

CFV York Island, British Columbia (on the North East Coast of Vancouver Island)

CKE Discovery Island, British Columbia (Discovery and Chatham Islands lie just a mile or so west of Victoria in Haro Strait, off Oak Bay).

CKF Vancouver, British Columbia

CKG Prince Rupert, British Columbia

CKL Esquimalt, British Columbia

CZM Alliford Bay, British Columbia

CZN Bella Bella, British Columbia –

CZY Ucluelet, British Columbia

CZZ Coal Harbour, British Columbia (Coal Harbour is in Vancouver harbour, right next to Deadman’s Island, the site of HMCS DISCOVERY)

The hope would be to get the closest club to each location to touch base with Spud and start to coordinate the activation of that location complete with a special callsign that would hopefully bring the orignal callsign into the picture. 

With the rest of the world having the ability to contact 25 connected special event stations is guaranteeing that anyone operating one of those stations will be at the receiving end of a pile up…

Much to my dismay, the Naval Station that I grew up beside was not a “Port Wave Station” but a “HFDF Station” so HMCS Gloucester or CFS Gloucester (now the local Legion and a farmers field) callsign GCI will not be part of this event but seeing that Spud has reminded me about the 100th Birthday of our Royal Canadian Navy I might just activate the old base on my own.  It would be a DXPedition to enjoy…Set up on the Patio at the Legion….hmmmm….

I can just imagine it now…”The VK station please stand by… (Yes Steward… I ordered the “Blue” and my logger ordered the “Canadian”)…. OK the VK Station go ahead….”

So much for my fantasy dxpediton thoughts but….

It has been the contributions of the Canadian Military that have given us so much in the Amateur Radio Department.  Look at any of your long time amateurs and you would be hard pressed not to see someone who had served as a communicatior with the Military.  Back in the War Years the Navy sure seemed to have a bunch of them….   This would be an excellent way to honour them and the work they did for Canada and our hobby…

If you check out Jerry Proc’s website which in my opinion is the best source of Canadian Military Communication History that I have found with an Amateur Slant I think you will see what I mean.

If in any way you can convince your local amateur club to help out (or if you live near enough to activate one of the location on your own) please contact Spud and help him get this worth project on the air.  He can’t do it without our help…

Thanks for reading this


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