A new spin on an old joke…

Whats the defination of a Canadian….  An American with no firearms but better healh care…

Whats the defination of an American…  A well armed Canadian with no health care….

Now we can add to the American Defination…  The home of  a nation that cares about its Amateur Radio Operators…

I was just reading the RAC Blog and found this article.  It seems that those who have gone through large scale disasters seem to appreciate more those who attempt to help as compared to those who are fortunate enough not to have sufferered anything serious so they can still debate the worth of those who attempt to help…

DARN…  This lets me climb back on my soapbox for a few seconds… Its really strange how sometimes things seem to fit together…

Congrats to the US of A for at least concidering a bill that shows that we are appreciated and worthy of supporting them.

As an afterthought…. This new RAC Blog is certainly giving us some great information.  No one knows better than me how many hours have to be devoted a day to keep a Blog fresh and interesting.  I know some of you are wondering when I’m going to start…

But Peter VE3HG along with his duties as a Vice President of RAC is doing a great job of keeping us informed through the blog.

Now don’t get me wrong the TCA is excellent but if it happens today we will most likely find out about it in the TCA in 3 to 4 months due to deadlines and production times.  No ones fault it just takes longer to prepare a magazine than it does to post in a blog…

I remember when I used to write the “Ramblings” Column in the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club monthly newsletter and in most cases if it happened in early August it made it into the September issue that came out in Mid September but if it happened in Late August then you did not hear about it until Mid October…

By then it was no longer news…  It was history!!!


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