Timewave ANC 4 your honest opinions pse…

Well folks,

It has been suggested to me that I pick up one of these…


And seeing that the price I could find on line was $199.00 US$$$ and figuring in the exchange to Canadian $$$ and duties, taxes, brokerage fees etc and I can see the price getting up around $300.00 or so.

Now before I spend the money to cut my excessive noise level on 80m and moderate heavy noise level on 160m and 40m I would like to hear from a few of you who might have used one in the past.  I can read the eham reviews but these are not as good as talking or exchanging emails with someone who has used it. I trust talking to a person about a piece of equipment rather than reading what he said about it…

So your opinions please…GOOD OR BAD…feel free to leave a comment on this blog posting with your opinions or if you want to keep it between us then just send me an email and we can go from there….


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2 Responses to “Timewave ANC 4 your honest opinions pse…”

  1. stan vittetoe Says:

    I have owned an ANC-4 for several years. I have tried many types of antennas, but I have enjoyed little success. Perhaps it is the type of noise that I am dealing with. I live in an urban environment very close to powerlines. AJ4SN

  2. Gerald Says:

    Hello Robert,

    Re the ANC-4. I lived in “Light-Bulb-Alley” in the centre of Limerick City and I had horrific noise on certain frequencies at HF.
    I bought the ANC-4 second-hand “WOW” it made a big difference. Without it I could hardly hear our local HF news on 3.650 @12:00.
    There is a very slight signal loss through the unit but it is negligible, but the noise cancelling capabilities are brilliant.

    73 & Seasons Greetings.

    Ger EI6DP

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