Timewave ANC4 **MAY NOT** be needed

Yup you read it right….

Yesterday I finally got the weighted line over the tree branch in the front yard and I was able to extend the Inverted L a little higher up and change its direction slightly.  At the same time I was forced (by the length of the driven element) to move the 4:1 Balun about 8 feet away and raise it by 6 feet.

The end result of this is now my noise level as I type this right now is S9 (down from +30) on 80m and it goes down from there.  Outgoing signal reports range from S9 to “30 over” so nothing seems to change much there…

Now this is not the end all of the situation but its a start…  Last night on the 3730 Group I was able to check in and the local noise had dropped to a S7 and for the first time in memory I could hear every station the NCS could hear and he was (according to QRZ.com) 60kms south of me.

I have one minor problem…  the driven element of the Inverted L as it goes over my roof is hooked something thats up there.  Over the next few days I will have to take the tension off the line and try raising it up using one of my portable masts in the hope of being able to flip it over whatever is causing the obstruction.  I got it over one obstruction yesterday but did not have the time to try for the 2nd…

Daytime use of 80 is not the best but the evenings are coming along nicely…

At the same time I was doing this work I managed to raise my 6m dipole about 5 feet higher and aim it east west.  With here being no conditions and no locals on so far all I can report is that the SWR is good.  Hopefully I will be able to test things out in a few days…

It was a great conclusion to yesterday….


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