VA3QV/m to Gananoque and return

If you remember from yesterdays entry…

“Tomorrow AM (Wed AM) Erika and myself will be departing Ottawa early for a trip to Gananoque Ontario to pick up Trisha and return to Ottawa.  I borrowed a mini van from my eldest Daughter and her hubby and can’t really see how I’m going to hook on the 80m hustler for the trip so it looks like it will be 2m only for the trip.  I do have a mount which might work with a bit of luck so give a listen tomorrow on ONTARS along with the usual eastern Ontario Repeaters and I go from here to there and back…”

Well we made it there and we made it back.   I operated on 80m ssb and 2m fm.  On the 2m side I used the following repeaters…  Ottawa 147.150, Lavant 146.640, Christie Lake 145.230 and Kingston 146.940 and had interesting QSOs on every machine.  In between 2m contacts I rode along with the ONTARS Net on 3.755 and was able to check in with 4 different controllers and also have a QSO with Ian VE3HMS.

We travelled from Ottawa to North Gower, to Smith Falls, to Seelys Bay and then South to Gananoque which was taking the “Senile Route Scenic Route”.  The return was a bit quicker taking the 401 East with a stop at the chew and choke in Mallorytown then to the 416 North to Ottawa.  We left Ottawa just before 0800 and returned at 1400 so not bad for a 6 hour trip.

The route we took is here…

The mount I made to support the 80m hamstick on the trailer hitch survived “Just” with the added weight of the Hustler and the 80m coil. Remember that hamsticks are lighter than hustlers… Metal fatique had occured and its a good thing the trip was not any longer as the mount will now have to be re built to take the added weight into concideration.  Good thing it was not a screwdriver or there would be tears ….

It will be  a  “radio active” evening after I get the van dropped back off to my daughter and her family and get back home…


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