I have heard the enemy and it is … us???

Good Friday morning,

This morning just around 1130 eastern I was spinning the dial on the 40m band and stopped in on the ECARS Net on 7.255.  The net control station was WB3GVD Joe in Delaware…  We made the contact rather easily which proves the inverted L likes 40m as welll as 20 and 80m so things are good.

Now comes the rant part….  There were one heck of a lot of “Whistles, Tuner uppers, am carriers and much more deliberate interference.  Now unless every pirate station was sitting on 7.255 we have to assume that most of this interference came from the amateur community.

All I can ask is WHY???  If you don’t like the net then spin the dial…  If you don’t like the NCS then come back an hour later and there will be a new NCS….  If you don’t like me then come back in 5 minutes and someone else will be checking in…  If you don’t like amateur radio take up stamp collecting or some other hobby…

This makes no sense….


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2 Responses to “I have heard the enemy and it is … us???”

  1. Paul VE3CPH Says:

    The tuning always bugs me. Turn 5 KHz to either side, and hit the button. How hard is that?

  2. va3qv Says:

    Sometimes it seems very hard Paul… However this was deliberate malicious interference not the usual tuner uppers who have no sense… I guess for whatever reason but I willing to bet its club politics related they did not like that net controller and the net paid for their actions with a very poor hours….

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