More on Bill 118

Even though by now I believe you are getting most of your info directly from the sourse it does no harm to point you in the right direction.  There is a chance that new reader might not go back far enough in my archives so please bear with me…

The RAC BLOG to its credit has been doing an excellent job on coordinating efforts and keeping us informed on this most serious issue.  I read this recent article and felt that I should mention it to you so you could go to the RAC Blog and read it.

My own stand on this bill are as follows….

Any “Properly Mounted”  two way radio should be exempt.  I will leave the defination of “Properly Mounted”  but something plugged in to a cigarette lighter plug and wedged in between the seats, sitting in the passenger seat in my opinion would not be properly mounted.  Operating the contols of a radio thats is not moving (properly mounted) is no more difficult than changing stations on your FM Broadcast Radio Receiver which by coincidence should also be properly mounted in your vehicle.

Any Handheld Gear which would include handheld GPS, Cell Phones, PDA, Blackberries and our handhelds should not be used while driving unless they are “Properly Mounted”…

But if they were properly mounted then they would not be handhelds would they???

Laptops, DVD Players or anything with a Video Display (properly mounted GPS Units EXEMPTED) should not be anywhere where the driver can see them while operating the vehicle….

Dual purpose units such as laptops running a GPS Program or Cellphones running a GPS Program ….  Must be properly mounted….

I also feel that an officer has the right to lay a charge if it can be proven that the accident was caused by driving while distracted.  Properly mounted or not…  If it was proven that by adjusting your “Properly Mounted Exempted Equipment” you were distracted enough to have an accident you should be charged under the act…  This should apply from the AM/FM/8 Track in your old 1972 Vista Cruiser to the shiney new GPS with the 7 inch display in your 2009 Caddy and everything in between.

Many times in the past I have said we can’t leglislate common sense but I feel anyone who is “non-caring” enough to endanger his neighbors, friends and fellow citizens by acting foolishly with their operation of a motor vehicle deserves what they get…

As a parting comment as you know I operated as Net Control for the Ottawa Leg of the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour this weekend.    The Amateur Radio Community provided 20 equipped Amateur Radio Mobile units that provided Safety and Logistical Communications for the event.  This was just Ottawa’s contribution.  I’m not counting what Lanark ARES and Frontenac ARES contributed in this.  Close to 1400 riders benefited greatly from the fact that Local Amateur Radio Operators had mobile equipment available to use.

The question would be….

“If this bill does not take Amateur Radio into concideration will anyone keep a radio in their vehicles for the next time assistance is needed?”


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2 Responses to “More on Bill 118”

  1. va3qv Says:

    This is actually a comment from VA3JME


    Jamie VA3JME Says:
    June 9, 2009 at 11:56 pm | Reply edit

    One thing people haven’t commented on is that the highway traffic act also applies to bicycles… so if they only make exceptions for “properly mounted mobiles” and don’t consider an HT to be a mobile, we won’t be able to use HTs on our bikes. Sad.

    I was also considering buying a mobile for my car, but now I have put that off. I don’t see the point if I can’t use it while mobile. And I was buying it to continue with my volunteering, which I was thoroughly enjoying… but I can’t see spending $$$ for something I have to be stationary to use… I may as well buy a base rig and stay home. So much for volunteering!

    I’ll be writing the powers that be to see if my voice can help change the course, but I am not going to be buying any more radios until this one is settled.


  2. Two-way Radio exemption? « VA3QV’s Weblog Says:

    […] units.  I think the defining term would be “Hard Wired” or as I mentioned earlier in a post back on June 9th “Properly […]

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