Hurricane Bill Saturday update



This is an unofficial update.  Please check with the

Canadian Hurricane Center

for the most current and accurate information


Map courtesy of the Canadian Hurricane Center

As you can see Bill appears to be heading North of Sable Island (CY0) which will bring it closer to Nova Scotia (VA2/VE1), New Brunswick (VE9) and Prince Edward Island ( Vy2)

The Province of Newfoundland (VO1) and the Island of St Pierre and Michelon (FP) appears to be in line of taking the brunt of the storm as it passes through.

For the best in animated projections

check out this link at Stormpulse

On a more Radio side of things the Hurricane Watch Net will activate Sunday Morning on 14.325 USB.


The VOIP Hurricane Net will also be activating on Sunday Morning.  They use a combination of ECHOLINK and IRLP to link up VHF Stations in the affected area to the Nationial Hurricane Center who then issue advisories and share the information with Environment Canada





As you can see (if you have been following this blog) the tracks for Bill are constantly changing and so if you are anywhere in the area where Bill might be coming for a visit take precautions.

If your callsigns start with VA1/VE1/VE9/VY2/VO1/CY0/FP or to translate if you are in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Sable Island or St Pierre and Micquelon then you really should be getting ready for a CAT 2 Hurricane visiting your area.

If you live NEAR the above mentioned locations then you should be prepared for a CAT1 or a very strong Tropical Storm visiting your area.  Remember its hard to tell the difference between a CAT 2 or a Tropical Storm when you house is being washed away by the storm surge.

You have less than 16 hours to prepare for Bills arrival.  Thats still plenty of time to evacuate if you feel you need to.

Please be careful out there and act accordingly…


Next update will be mid morning on Sunday…


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