Looking at being “Radio Active”

I just got home after a 5km (3 mile) walk in my neighborhood.  Nothing special about that… My doctor wishes I would do it every day and although I try to …. I think you know the rest…

Today however my handheld got a work out as well…  I tend to take it with me every day and I always announce my presence on the local repeater but today there were others around.

The walk went much quicker with 3 long QSOs as I walked.  The rubber ducky got my signal into the repeater with little problems (just a bit of white noise at times) and everyone could hear my voice over the huffing and puffing as I walked…

Once I got home and put the handheld back on charge I realized that in that walk I probally did more talking (on that walk) than I usually do in a couple of days.  I suddenly realize that outside of the 30-45 min a day I spend on 80m with the Ontario Phone Net (3.742 @ 1900 eastern) most of my other time is spent in the shack listening with the radio in the background while I do “Computer Stuff”…

The last time I spent anytime yelling “CQ” was when I was operating from the grounds of the local lighthouse (museum lighthouse) for the Lighthouse/Lightships events back in August.  I have tried with average results to work a few DXPeditons that were out there but no real long periods of “Mike Time”….  Losts of listening and very little talking….  It seems that my hobby is keeping me from my hobby and that is not a good thing…  Less computer (my 3 blogs excepted) and more “Mike Time”…

Now that we are getting into October lets see if I can change that for the next couple of months…


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