Testing out a new toy…

Today I was lucky enough to borrow the following neat toy:


Timewave ANC-4 “RF Noise Canceller”

Initial reports are that “it works”….

It has lowered my noise level down from the S9 + level that I have been b!tching about for so long down to a S5 on 80m.  That is a good thing….  I was able to check into the ONTARS Net on 3.755 and actually hear the Net Control Station who was in the Niagara Falls/St Catherine area just above the noise level.  Normally this would not happen as with the ANC4 turned off my noise level returned to just above S9.

Instead of the two supplied antennas I am using  a 50 foot non resonant dipole in my back yard at 5 feet above ground to supply the signal to put out of phase. This is one of those things that if you follow the link above you will find the manual and once you read the manual you will then understand what I am talking about in this paragraph.

Needless to say IT DOES WORK….  How good it works will be decided after I have had more time to test things out but….IT DOES WORK…

More on this topic as I learn what I am doing with it and how to properly operate it.  Translation ….  Once I RTFM…


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One Response to “Testing out a new toy…”

  1. Mark Skidmore Says:

    Hello Bob. I came across your blog while researching the Timewave ANC-4 and thought that since we are both in the Ottawa area and you have had one for a few months, you might have the most useful insights on the planet before I buy one!!

    I am not a Ham operator but I am a long time SWL and I am just getting into chasing NDBs in the lowfer band. I am plagued by a couple of big splotches of RFI right in the areas of most interest – centered on 331.4 kHz in particular, and to a lesser extent, 256.4 and 406.2. I haven’t tracked down the sources yet but suspect street lights and power distribution boxes are the likely culprits.

    Anyway – in your blog, you seem to be sort of 60/40 pro on the ANC-4 but haven’t commented further. I was just wondering if you have refined your impressions one way or the other and if you have tried it in the longwave band – and do you have these same types of interference in the same places? Also, where did you buy yours?

    I would be grateful for any insights that you might have. Best regards. Mark.

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