Timewave ANC 4- Testing continues

If you refer back to yesterdays post you know that I am now “playing” I mean testing out a very lightly used Timewave ANC 4 Noise Cancelling Device.


Timewave ANC-4 “RF Noise Canceller”

And so far I am pleased but puzzled with the results found…  Last night I tested it out using my FT847 and LDG Z100 Autotuner.  I was using  a 50 foot dipole (25 feet per side) as a non resonant recieving antenna to pick up the noise that the device is supposed to phase shift to lower my actual noise level.



It brought my noise on 80m which is the only band I really have troubles on from a S9 + down to around S5 which was excellent.  I should mention that I also find it lowers signals as well as noise but it lowers the noise more and its much easier to listen to a S5 signal with a low noise level than a S9 signal with a high noise level so I have to say it works.

Today (Sunday) as I am experimenting decided to see it the ANC 4 would work with my FT 897D which I use sometimes in the field and also as my backup HF rig here in the shack…

ft897dNow all I did was swap out the 847 and Deep Cycle RV Battery out for the FT897 and 30ah battery pack.  The tuner remained the same, the antenna and grounding system remained the same…  All I did was switch out the radio and change batteries…

The results were not promising….  What was a S9 +20 noise level before was now a S9 +30 noise level and the ANC 4 would not bring the noise level down below a S9 +20….

Now I am at a loss as to what the HECK is going on but I guess more testing is needed.  I do remember seeing something in the EHAM Reviews about having to put up a 2nd resonant dipole up to use to supple the signal to shift out of phase in extreme cases so I guess later this week I will put up my multi band vertical and try using that as the receiveing antenna….  If this above statement has really cofused you just head over to the Timewave website (the link is just below the picture of the device) and read the PDF Manual file as they explain it much better than I could…

So I still stand by my earlier comments that “IT WORKS” but now I will add the disclaimer that it work(ed) with my FT 847.  I will also say that much more testing is needed before I can say it works with all my HF rigs…

Just in case you have used one of these devices in the past and could share a secret on how to get it to function better please feel free to leave me a comment on this post… I wont have much time till later in the week due to a couple of other commitments along with a forcast of rain to try changing much so it look like this will get the time it deserves late this week…  The ARES Ontario SET exercise is this Saturday so it better be done by then….

More as I find the time to do the changes….


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