Driving while distracted from Local Media

LI got this from the Ottawa Sun (Sun Media) and thought I was worth sharing with you as we have been looking at this topic since the debate started…



Cellphone driver ban on hold until later this fall


Last Updated: 30th September 2009, 2:48am

TORONTO — Don’t hang up that phone just yet.

Legislation banning the use of handheld electronics while driving is expected to come into effect this fall, but the province has not yet set a date.

Toronto Police Sgt. Tim Burrows said the force has been told the law could kick in between late October and late November.

When the new restrictions are in place, drivers who text, type, e-mail, dial or chat using a handheld device will face a fine of $60 to a maximum of $500 upon conviction. Hands-free devices will still be okay.


Thanks again to the Ottawa Sun for this story


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2 Responses to “Driving while distracted from Local Media”

  1. Tim VE3UO Says:

    It’s not looking good – Looks like amateurs (and all commercial operations using microphones) will have three years to become ‘hands-free’.


  2. va3qv Says:

    Thanks for bringing to our attention Tim….

    What the ^%@#$%^&*(&^%%$ were they thinking?


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