“New” W3EDP Antenna update

Well its Sunday Morning and so far things have been going well with the newly orientated W3EDP. The mostly vertical configuration seems to be lowering my noise level slightly without having any effect on the incoming signals. The slightly lower noise level makes it that much easier for my newly acquired Timewave ANC-4 to lower the noise down to a level that makes it a pleasure to listen to the bands.


I will stress that I was able to “Try before I bought” and therefore I knew that the unit would work with my style of noise.  I have heard of some people who were not as lucky,  The person I bought this used from is one of those people. So although I do recomened this style of unit please remember that it may not work for everyone.  Use this recomendation with a grain of salt and you purchase at your own risk,

Getting back to the W3EDP antenna I found this website/blog with all sorts of great information along with a couple of pictures that show the way I have got mine set up.  I actually got the idea for the build from these pictures.  The main difference is that I went more vertical than horizontal but the design ideas are the same.

W3EDP Antennahorizontal

Picture coutesy of Trailfriendlyradio.blogspot.com

W3EDP Spreaders - A

Picture coutesy of Trailfriendlyradio.blogspot.com


Time for a Coffee…. after a job well done……..


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