News from RAC on the “positive side”

I just made it back into the shack and found myself within “Internet Range” and able to see both my blog and the RAC Blog.  From the RAC Blog comes this posting ” Election Results & New Presidents Bio”.

The traffic on my blog confirms that Canadian Amateurs are still interested in how their National Organisation is being run.  This fills me with confidence and to be honest comes as a bit of a shock…

Now if you take the information from this posting and put it together with the Resignation Letter from Bob Cooke VE3BDB (even though most of you have probally seen the letter already you can read it by the previous link) you now can get a better grasp on the events of the past weekend.

The New President’s Bio is fairly impressive (as a career burocrat) but perhaps a bit light in the amateur world …but (to be honest) I don’t really want to work him on HF… but I need him to work the phones and work the room to represent us in National Issues and it appears we have someone who really understands how the game is played… Geoff Bawden VE4BAW appears to be that person…

The remaining 5 board members took a gamble with the election of a “Newbie” to the position of RAC President.

This gamble has already cost us three very dedicated RAC Volunteers (in the form of Cooke, Smith and Marcel).  Their dedication to RAC and the many hours they have given our hobby will be sorely missed.

If this is what the board decided was needed to get our hobby back on its feet in Canada… so be it….  I just pray that they are right…


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