Yaesu FT 5000 pictures

Well from the Yahoo Newsgroups on the FT 5000 came the blurb that there were some new pictures of the 5000.

I headed over to the Universal Radio Website and checked out their website and heres what I found.  As always thanks to the good people at Universal Radio for having such a well informed website with lots of great pictures for us to drool over…

Following pictures courtesy of Universal Radio

Front View… and Bob said “WOW!!!”

Interior Views

Rear View (lots of antenna inputs)

Between the 5000 series of radios, the new soon to be arriving FTM 350 dual band APRS Mobile and the updated VX8DR its going to be an interesting time in Dayton this May.

Not to belittle some of the other Manufactures I will also mention that Icom has a couple of new radios coming out as does Alinco.  Nothing new from Kenwood I can find yet but I’m willing to bet they will be well represented at Dayton as well.  I am doing some research for a blog series on the new Icom line that will be out in the near future.

If what I am seeing is true with the radio manufactures fighting for our money, tempting us with new radios could it be that the tide is turning and our economic recovery is starting or is it just no matter what the cost…  We want new toys…


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9 Responses to “Yaesu FT 5000 pictures”

  1. Paul Says:

    Not sure if you were being rhetorical but my vote is on the toys.😉

  2. Ron Says:

    FT-5000 Where is the USB Port ??


  3. Craig Says:

    …really you would think that with all of the computer world going to the USB port they would put one on it. And when will we be able to read rtty or cw on these radio displays?

    • va3qv Says:

      It would make sense to add a larger built in display that did some decoding but there are also some of us who prefer to keep the hobbies (computer-radio) at arms lengths. For me … a computer is a tool I use in my hobby but I prefer to manually control my radio. I even gave up on HRD…
      thanks for reading and your comments

  4. Jack Says:

    Why worry about a display on the radio just buy a Flex and have
    a 42″ display.

  5. Ben K9BF Says:

    I currently have a Mark V that is about 10 years old. The FT2000 did not seem like a big enough upgrade from the MV to bother with. I can add a roofing filter to it from Inrad. But the 5000 looks very interesting. After 10 years of using the MV I just may have to upgrade. Now I need to start working on my wife. At $5000 I just might be able to win her over.
    Ben K9BF

  6. va3qv Says:

    Well it you don’t tell her the price maybe she won’t notice…. Heck for that matter I could put a FT 9000 in my shack and chances are Liz would not notice as she rarely goes into the shack.

    She might however notice the $10,000 purchase on the visa…

    Then I might have to move the shack (and myself)


  7. df5lr Says:

    Seems the FT-5000 is available in the Shops in the States !
    i.e. Universal Radios !
    Also there are some Videos available on Youtube,and the first
    Reviews on Eham.net shows this Rig could be a Winner.

    Best 73 to all hams,
    Andy (DF5LR)

  8. 2010 in review courtesy of VA3QV and Wordpress « VA3QV’s Weblog Says:

    […] Yaesu FT 5000 pictures December 2009 8 comments 3 […]

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