Track Santa via APRS

Not sure how but…

Click on the Picture of Santa and his sleigh to track him via APRS

AHHHHH…., The magic of Amateur Radio and APRS

Merry Christmas and best 73


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3 Responses to “Track Santa via APRS”

  1. Martin Says:


    Santa just took a detour down to the chimney of VA3QV with a bulging sack full of ham radio toys, he was bending over his sack to select one item for Bob and as he straightened up he hit his head on a homebrew 6m rotateable dipole, causing him to lose his balance and tear his sack open raining boxes labelled yaesu, kenwood and icom into QV’s chimney – cool!

    Merry Christmas to you & yours, Bob!

    • va3qv Says:

      Thanks for the Christmas wishes Martin…

      I am really hoping for a warm winter coat and boots so I can participate in the Winter Field Day event at the end of Janurary. You interested???

      Still waiting to hear back from my insurance agent to see if the damage to the antennas caused by Santa getting hung up on the W3EDP is covered

      All the best my friend…


  2. Martin Says:

    > You interested???

    You betcha!

    But don’t forget the propane heater!

    – Martin.

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