Amateur Radio relief efforts ongoing

This is a bit of an update or gathering of information that I can find from several sources that relate to what the Amateur Radio Community is doing in the Haiti Earthquake Aftermath…

Last night on the ECHOLINK I listened in on the IRESC Conference there were 40 stations logged into the Conference ready to assist if needed and this morning I find that 52 stations logged in.  These stations will be needed once the traffic finally starts to flow out of the effected areas of Haiti.

The Salvation Army SATERN Nets are still going in what appears to be a 24 hour mode.  I am able to hear them during the day on 20m and in the late evenings on 80m.  I am hearing some activity on their 40m frequency but I am unable to determine if it is traffic or just a ragchew due to the poor signals I am receiving here in Ottawa.

Last heard from the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) in response to a request from the IARU had 20 bilingual radio opertors (English-French) with portable radio stations ready to deploy when the safety/security issues have been cleared up.  After checking the RAC website and the RAC Blog I can find no new information so I am guessing everything is still on hold pending the security/safety issues getting cleared up.

In addition to the above mentioned items there also appears to be some traffic being passed out of Haiti on the Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14.300.  If you check back to an earlier posting in my blog you will find a YOUTUBE Video that shows a phone patch from Haiti to the United States although for this one I would recommend just listening to it and not watching the video itself as the images are raw, and to be honest very graphic.  As they say  “Viewer descretion is advised…”

If you are on twitter try following the IARU who tweet out on a fairly regular basis and if you follow my account (VA3QV) if there is any really big breaking story I do blog about  it here as best as I can and then Tweet it out to let you know the blog has been updated with something I concider to be important.

So although due to the lack of real media coverage… People are not really knowing the level of our participation so far…  The international Amateur Radio Community is doing their best to assist…

If you would like to help out the best way you can right now is to check into your local Traffic Nets.  Sooner or later the flow of amateur traffic from Haiti will be opening up and there will be lots of messages going out from the affected area letting loved ones know how things are.

With very large Haitian Communites in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa it is hoped that Ontario and Quebec Amateurs will check in to the Ontario Phone Net (3.742 at 1600 EST) to see if there is anything heading into their communities.

The NTS needs participation for the system to work….

Any and all help would be appreciated…


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