From the RAC President

Todays little bit of news come to us courtesy of the RAC Blog and its mainly a message from the new President of Radio Amateurs of Canada Geoff Bawden VE4BAW.

Follow this Link to see the Blog Post

Peter VE3HG (our blogmiester) does an excellent job keeping us updated with information via the blog.  Unfortunately by the time it makes it to the TCA its often History rather than current events…

So remember…

This is not “a put down” of TCA… its a fact. 

It takes time to put together a “Quality” Magazine such that we get with our RAC Membership.  It can’t be created overnight so there are some time delays.

With the RAC Blog combined with the TCA Magazine I feel we have the best of both worlds…  We get instant updates via the blog and in detail articles courtesy of the TCA.

Perhaps the only thing missing is a RAC Twitter Account so they can tweet out to us when there is something new to see on the blog but then again if we read it every day we won’t need to tweet…

The RAC Blog and The Canadian Amateur Magazine are two of the many examples of what we get for our membership dues. 

Just imagine how much RAC could do for us if a few more amateurs were supporting the Team with their memberships…  If nothing else the rest of the amateur population would have less to b!tch about…


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3 Responses to “From the RAC President”

  1. James, VE2KHC Says:

    Greetings! Let’s hope that the RAC Financial for 2009 do NOT reflect the outrageous charges for ‘Legal’ and ‘Accounting’ expenses found on the past yearly statements.

    One suggestion: lower the accounting fee by having a REVIEW rather than an AUDIT!!


    James, VE2KHC

    • Peter West Says:

      In reply to James, VE2KHC’s comment I’ve posted this reply on the RAC Blog.

      Nobody likes to spend money needlessly. And nobody should spend somebody else’s money carelessly.

      That’s why Radio Amateurs of Canada is governed by its Constitution. The Constitution is a rule book upon which we’ve all agreed to play by and the rules we use are found in Robert’s Rules of Order and are called parliamentary procedure. We might not like everything that’s decided by the members, but we can rest assured the decisions came forward thanks to due process.

      Sometimes members question the results. This is a welcome part of parliamentary process. Here’s a case in point: A comment came up recently on this blog and at least one other about the cost of having the RAC books audited. The writer suggested it would be so much less expensive to have a “review” of the books as compared to an “audit.” The author of the comment said that the charges for legal and accounting costs were “outrageous.”

      When I read that someone has categorized something as outrageous I have to ask compared to what? The RAC Constitution calls for an audit. An audit isn’t cheap and nor should it be. I’m a dues-paying member of RAC and I want to be reassured that my $50 was well spent by our volunteer board and executive. If our Constitution calls for an audit, then, like it or not, that’s what it’s got to be.

      Now having said that, I know that every executive of any club or organization where I have served appreciates the opportunity to address a member’s concerns. Radio Amateurs of Canada is no exception. The volunteer board and volunteer executive will be meeting next month and you can bet that cutting costs will be right up there with increasing membership benefits as our top priorities.

      Keep those comments coming in🙂

  2. Peter West Says:

    Hi Bob: Really appreciate the kind words. The RAC Blog, like your excellent blog, helps to support a conversation among all hams in Canada and around the world.


    Peter, VE3HG

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