Iroquois Hamfest…The aftermath

Well group,

The Iroquois ARC did a FANTASTIC JOB of providing us with an EXCEPTIONAL Ham Flea Market…

Coles Notes Version…

RAC had a table set up

Harold MacFarline had a table

Durham Radio had a table

Radio HF from Montreal had a Table

There were lots of private vendors selling quality electronic items and there were private vendors there who thought they were selling quality electronic items… So as you can see it was just like a normal hamfest.  A few of the prices seemed a bit steep but with the change in the Canadian Dollar causing ham gear retail prices to drop slightly

I can see it causing a problem when what you would concider a fair used price if you bought the radio for $350.00 new now looks a bit silly when the radio now retails for $199.99 but thats life…

The problem usually is someone not doing their homework and buying the equipment then whining and crying for a couple of month on how “so and so” ripped him off and cheated him…  No one got cheated…  If I decide to sell my radio and set a price its up to you if you want to pay that price…  I have a couple of radios that I can’t afford to sell…

When I bought my FT 897 a few years back (actually Liz bought it for me for fathers day…) the dollar was weak…  If I took what was paid for it and discounted it down as its now used  the price I would want on paper is very close to the New Price now so I don’t sell it…

But lets get back to Iroquois for a bit…

Doug VE3DLJ and myself headed out of Ottawa after a Timmies stop around 0715 or so…  Doug just got himself a new (new to him) Ford Pickup and it had just come back from the radio shop after getting the FT2900 along with a Larsen 5/8 wave mobile antenna mounted on the vehicle.  The radio shop did a great job and everything is neat as you would like with a new truck…

Doug and his new toy…

After a pleasant 60 min or so drive down HWY 31 (south) with a right hand turn onto HWY 2 we ended up in Iroquois and had the truck parked about 0830 or so..  The event started at 0900 so we had about a half hour to rag chew with some friends while waiting…

The doors opened at 0900 and the first person you saw was Don VE3NC selling 50/50 draw tickets along with welcoming us…

I bought 3 tickets for the numerous door prizes and the 50/50 draw from Don but they must of been defective as I did not win a thing…

Before we go any futher I will mention that I have to get a better camera.  So far my digital cameras seem to be hand me downs as my daughters get a new one then give dear old dad the old one…  I took lots of pictures yesterday but hardly any of them turned out.  If I took your picture and you can’t find it please don’t be offended…Its just that the picture did not turn out.  Everything is supposed to be auto focus kinda like a aim and shoot thing but the camera is not working as promised.  I personally think the camera is defective but my daughters are claiming operator error.  I think I am going to go out and buy a camera that will do what I want it to do and not a hand me down that did what they wanted it to do.  It seems I lose about 60% of what I shoot.  So no offence intended… I just suck at being a photographer…

Once you got past Don you arrived at Harold MacFarlines tables with coax, wire and some Headsets that were fairly tempting along with some radios…  Harolds picture was one of the many lost.

After Harold came Norm VE3LC who as you know is a RAC Vice President and he was manning the RAC Table for this event.  Norm was busy selling memberships and shirts and we never really had time to chat but he did hold still for a moment for one of the few pictures that took…

With what has been said on the RAC Blog recently it should be noted that Norm had to drive to RAC HQ to load up…  Then drive for a hour to Iroquois…  Off load and set up the booth….  Sell the stuff then bring what was left back to Ottawa then take it RAC HQ later this week…  Thats an awful lot of time donated to the cause…  So “Thanks Norm”.

After that came the Durham Radio Tables and they were doing a very brisk business….  I know they sold a few radios and were actually sold out of the FT2900 as Doug was looking for one.  They also had trouble keeping Magic Jacks on the table and I even picked up one myself.  With all my wifes family out of town and with Erika and Trisha both having friends out of town anything that could cut my long distance bill is worth looking at…

Not that I have any connection to Durham other than being a happy customer but I will mention that these people load up a trailer and drive to visit us from what I would call the GTA..  I see  them at Iroquois, I have seen them at Smith Falls and at the Carp hamfest.   They do seem to get around supporting the local amateur community.  I also see the others (as not to slight them) but Durham seems to visit the smaller hamfests without hesitation..

The Radio HF crew were there and also had the SMA to BNC adapter I needed to go with my FT60 handheld…

The crowd itself was large but… to be honest the hall is rather small so its hard to judge how many people showed up and as this is one of the few places that does not charge you for the priveledge of spending you money they don’t even know how many showed up…

(see what I mean about my skills as a photographer)

But we did have a great time and all of us had fun…  After we left the hall a bunch of us from the 3730 group (about 25 or so) headed over to the truck stop in Cardinal (just west of  Iroquois) for lunch.  It was a good time to brag about deals or complain about missed deals.  As with most truck stops the meal I had was fantastic and moderately priced but most likely heavy of the colesterol…  you could hear my arteries hardening with every bite I took but it was good…  Doug and I then headed back to Ottawa and I spent the rest of the day lounging in the back yard… (rake, shovel, rest) with some family time along with a BBQ for supper…

Thanks to the Iroquois group for a good time…


PS…  as an afterthought here are a couple more pics from the hamfest..  I only took a few outside and two of them sort of worked out..  This little pincushion was attached to the Durham Trailer…  Its nice to see someone who takes his work home with him…


I can remember one time when I had a dual band magmount, a 6m magmount and a hamstick on the Caddy and Liz said it was too much…  Guess I should show her this picture eh!!!

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10 Responses to “Iroquois Hamfest…The aftermath”

  1. James, VE2KHC Says:

    Great documentation of the event, Bob!!

    Ran short of time yesterday; and could not get to the hamfest. Such as it is on holidays! The truck stop diner would have been a HOOT!

    Happy Easter to All!!

    de James, VE2KHC

  2. Graham ve3ghm Says:

    Hi Bob,

    I heard about the Iroquois gathering at the last moment (8:30am on Saturday). It had been a long time since I visited a hamfest/swap fest I got cleaned up and headed down arriving about 10. I have been patiently waiting for the Smiths Falls swap and was ill prepared with no real shopping list in hand.

    I was hoping to cross paths and get the chance to meet in person but it didn’t work out. I did make a few new acquaintances including a chance meeting with another Bob (Kerr ve3ryz) whom I discovered had some similar work experience to mine.

    I rather enjoyed the drive down, spent a bit of money and brought home a few new bits of kit some of which I am already putting to use. Spent some time exploring the local area as well as it has been quite some years since I visited that particular area. All in all a very enjoyable day.

    cheers, 73 Graham ve3ghm

  3. Iroquois Hamfest 2010 « VA3STL's Weblog Says:

    […] For another report on the hamfest see VA3QV’s blog. […]

  4. Mike Pinfold Says:

    Thanks for all of the kind comments concerning our flea market. Bob, VA3QV’s account of his day and visit to our event is fantastic. Well done.

    We’re a small club and are kept quite busy making it all work. We’re most grateful for the tremendous commercial support that we received and their generous contribution of door prizes.

    But we’re also grateful for everyone else who rents a table or just makes the trip to Iroquois to partake of our annual event.

    We’re already planning for 2011 and the tentative date is Saturday, 2 April 2011.

    Hope to see you all there.

    Mike VA3TUF

  5. It was a busy weekend « VA3QV’s Weblog Says:

    […] There were a few long distance phone calls as well but between my great new cellphone plan and the Magic Jack I bought from Durham Radio at the Iroquois Hamfest…. […]

  6. Bob Abell VE3XM Says:

    I grew up in Iroquois and got my ham licence there in 1951 as VE3BLS, only Les Colley VE3CAP and I lived there in those days. I now reside in Wellesley, ON since retirement. Wellesley is 20 km. west of Kitchener/Waterloo and east of Stratford. A little far to attend the Iroquois Hamfest but wish I could.
    73, Bob VE3XM

  7. Looking forward to the Iroquois ARC FleaMarket (hamfest) « VA3QV’s Weblog Says:

    […] I’ve been to Iroquois in the past and I’ve always had a great time… and so have others […]

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