A visit to the RAC office

Today in my travels as I had some spare time on my hands I decided to drop in to the RAC office on Belfast and say “HI” to Chris VA3SM who is now looking after the office on a daily basis.  As it turned out the new RAC Treasurer Margaret VA3VXN was there as well.

I also had time and the chance to read the May-June TCA as a spare copy was available but as it turns out Canada Post had my copy  waiting for me when I got home…  So I got to re-read it..

If you go back to the RAC Blog from April 30th   Peter VE3HG commented on the issue with the following:

I got a sneak preview of The Canadian Amateur magazine and it’s another terrific issue.

There’s info on the new Canadian access to 137 kHz and info on the RAC proposal for 60 meter spot frequencies.

All the regular columns are there and there’s lots of new operating news.


And I can tell you he was not kidding…  It does make for good reading every 2nd month.

And almost as if it was planned in my mailbox along with the TCA came the new flyer from Radioworld.  May is sale month at Radioworld, not to mention their 11th anniversary and I guess they would prefer if we went to Steeles ave rather than Dayton and spend our hard earned $$$$ there instead.  In all honesty seeing that the prices are dropping as our dollar gets stronger there is less reason to shop south of the border…

Also in the flyer it mentions that they are having a “Customer Appreciation BBQ”  on May 29th with a free BBQ lunch between 11am and 2pm…

Lets see now…  If I left Ottawa at 6am …  I could make it there around 11am…. grab a burger and then go wild with the digital camera and put it all together as a blog post and send it right from the store because I have that new internet stick from Wind Mobile so….  Blogging in real time…. and a chance to check out the deals at the same time…  Wonder if they have a spare desk I could borrow???  Maybe they might make a comment and let me know…

Above picture taken at the OARC Carp Hamfest in 2009

They did come to the Carp Hamfest in Ottawa so maybe I could head down to visit them… Fair is fair…

(disclaimer…  my only connection to Radioworld is that of a happy customer… I have been treated well by them in the past so I don’t mind saying nice things about them)

Anywayzzzzz   Carp is a few months away and like I mentioned earlier the Smith Falls Hamfest is this Saturday…  I am hitching a ride down with Don VA3GFD and should be there close to when the doors open for the general public at 0900…  Leaving “Timmies” in Ottawa just around 0800…  Hopefully we will see you there…


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