So I’m nuts am I ????

I recently read a posting from KE9V on his blog, who has an excellent blog and I list it on my blogroll but this time his posting hit me a bit…

Jeff, I am a bit disapointed in this one…  Almost p!ssed but not yet!!!

I ask you to read his posting HERE and then come back and continue reading…

Now if you were to read his comments then substitute Low Power (100w) and High Power (over 100w) and then say that the QRPers (around 5 w or less) were just as bad I believe I would not be writing this article…

All the big lists are just as bad… and yes they are all nuts…but its not a sickness that just runs rampant on the QRP Lists…

How many times have we seen some new ham with a non north american callsign ask how he can modify his new radio to operate out of band???  And then how many people have flamed him quoting back FCC rules and regulations when as he has a non US callsign the FCC rules don’t apply to him!!!

This is just one example…  Look at the eham reviews…..  Some people rate a simple item like an antenna at a “5 ” and other rate it at a  ” 1 ” or even a zero.   Now how can an antenna be so varied??? 

Simple half the people can’t follow instructions and the other half are so set in their ways that they hate it just on the principle of things…

The groups (QRP or otherwise) are just a source of information and not all of it is good information…  Because in our hobby everyone is entitled to their opinions, and everyones opinions vary…

However to be called NUTS because I operate QRP is a bit much….

However as I also operate QRO with my FT847 and my FT897 does that only make me slightly insane?


PS–> comments pro or con will be graciously accepted on this one … but flames will be cheerfully ignored.  Be polite and nice and you get posted… Your are allowed your comments …  just be nice about it!!!

If any one wants to submit a longer comment on this send it to me via email and I will cut and paste it into a posting (with no editing except for fitting in on the page)  giving you guest blogger status. Once again be polite or at least not nasty…


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6 Responses to “So I’m nuts am I ????”

  1. Graham, VE3GTC Says:

    Hi Bob,

    I really don’t know if you are truly upset over KE9V’s comments or are writing tongue in cheek.

    I saw the original posting before I saw Bob’s (MPG) posting on the matter.

    To my minds ear it sounds like ke9v post is simply taking a jab at mailing lists in general and nothing more.

    I have subscribed to many mailing lists on many different topics over the years and still do. One thing is very clear, the statement “it takes all kinds” was never more appropriate in describing human kind and mailing lists. Take ke9v’s comments and replace any reference to Ham radio or QRP with whatever topic you like – fishing, hunting, guns, atv’s, sewing, knitting or flying kites – and you will have the same exact behavior on any one of those other mailing lists or any on line forum for that matter.

    I have subscribed to lists and groups that where heavily moderated and so much so to the point that the discussions where few and far between and almost to the point of being sterile; after all, if the information was available as a Google search or (heaven forbid) in the manual, then why was the point even being discussed? Some of the more interesting lists and groups are those that have the occasional meandering off topic with or without the resultant flurry of responses by the “list police”.

    It does and truly takes all kinds to make up this wonderful world of ours. I learned long ago how to filter out the chaff and listen to the wheat, to stop being reactive and I am much happier because of it.

    cheers, Graham ve3gtc / ve3ghm

    • va3qv Says:

      Not upset…. my comments were directed back at all mailing lists…. thats why I subscribe to a select few and actually read even less…

      However specifically mentioning QRPers as nuts…. and he makes the statement twice (at the beginning and end of his post) I take with a grain of salt…

      No Harm… No Foul…


  2. GW7AAV Says:

    I am not a QRPer, although I operate an 817 at times, but I think we had the same sort of reaction; “You can’t say that?” but he did and it was very funny. It also had the sort of reaction that gets people talking and that is what blogging is all about. The only people who will get really upset are those who know it is them that Jeff was having a pop at.

    At the end of the day we are all mad in our own way and maybe Jeff is nuts for following the old newspaper adage of ‘Publish and Dammed’. When they find him tied to a chair with the words ‘I Love QRP’ burned on to chest with a gas soldering iron we will know he upset someone nuttier than the rest of us.

    73 Steve GW7AAV

  3. va3qv Says:

    Steve… nice comments…
    I don’t think it would come to that but… it does make me wonder if our (QRP) mailing lists are nuttier than the rest of the world…

    As i said I subscribe to a select few and read even less… most days its just look at the headers then delete…

    If it was a shot at the mentality of the mailing list types who only get pleasure by stirring the pot… then I like it…. and if we are crazier than the QRO world then it make me wonder…

    As I operate 3 hf rigs and two of them (847 and 897) are full power and only the 817 is QRP does that make me 1/3 crazy???

    CU on the bands

  4. Graham, VE3GTC Says:


    I haven’t quite yet figured out where your sense of humour lies as we have only exchanged a few emails and have met once and only for a short bit at that. I am starting to however.

    We are all a wee bit nuts at times and it is all relative as to whom is commenting and their particular take on the world (at that moment). We also each have our own obsessions and compulsions – those that can manage to keep them best under check are often the ones who judge those that don’t manage as well, otherwise there really is no difference ‘tween the two sides.

    cheers, Graham ve3gtc / ve3ghm

  5. gordon Says:

    It’s not limited to QRP-L or even mailing lists in general. You need look no further than Usenet newsgroups to find this has been going on for decades.

    People are much braver when they’re online or on the air. Chances are many (but not all) would not act like that in a face-to-face conversation.

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