How the weekend went

Its now Monday afternoon and lets take a look back at the (lack of) radio activities over the weekend…

Saturday had afternoon had me playing back yard or Patio Portable as I was forced outside by the high temps and the lack of central air.  There was a threat of Thunderstorms and worse and although my little area of Ottawa South was spared from the “worse”  Toby, Saber and myself did get chased indoors a couple of times in the late afternoon.  However I did get to watch several serious storms make their way east-south-east on the weather radar on line website and was glad I was not living along the St Lawrence River close to Cornwall.

On Saturday evening I was able to check into the 2nd region Traffic net at 1830 local (eastern) time and represent Ontario with no Traffic going out to the net and nothing coming to Ontario from the net.  At 1900 local (2300Z) I was the scheduled Control Station for the Ontario Phone Net on 3.742.  Even with the poor band conditions I was able to carry out my duties and operate the net.

Signals were good into to South River Ontario and Parrys Sound ( both in the general area of Huntsville Ontario which you might remember from the recent G8 Summit) and other stations were in Southern Ontario and the GTA who for some reason were not as strong.

As mentioned in Saturdays post the rig for this exercise was my FT 897 powered by a 12 volt automotive booster pack.  As the W3EDP is resonant on 80m I did not need my tuner.

After the end of the net I packed up the gear cooked supper on the BBQ and that finished my radio work for the evening.

Sunday morning I did not get on the air in time for the OVMRC summer version of the Pothole net.  The net runs on 3.760 starting at 10am Ottawa Time and formally does not run between Field Day and Labour Day but there is a group of  “keeners” who do try and say hi and catch up on the weeks gossip on that frequency/time over the summer months.  My gear was functioning but my timing lousy as I remembered about the net at about 1030 and all was quiet by then…

Later on Sunday (1300 eastern)I did manage a couple of short 40m contacts checking into the ARES Ontario 40m HF Net on 7.080.  For this event I operated from the Shack (temps were a bit lower) and managed contacts with Bob VE3YX in Deep River Ontario as well as a few other net participants.

I normally like to try and check in with the QRP Yaesu FT817 and a portable W3EDP antenna from a local park but today if was my FT847 from home with the home version of the W3EDP.  The big difference between antennas is that the home version is a bit higher  where the portable version is normally lower to work within the NVIS Principals… On Sunday NON NVIS and QRO managed to get the job done…

For the rest of Sunday I had some non radio stuff to do so the shack was vacant till this afternoon which finds me writing this to you…

Just to jog your memory we are getting closer to Maplecon in Late August and the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club Carp Hamfest after Labour Day. There is still lots to do in the summer using amateur radio.  The different clubs might slow down after Field Day but you don’t have to slow down…  You can still get out there and have some fun in our wonderful hobby.


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2 Responses to “How the weekend went”

  1. Bob VE3MPG Says:

    Bob, how long can you operate the 897 with that portable power unit? I have a similar one but haven’t used it with my FT-100 – maybe I should?

  2. va3qv Says:

    Hi Bob… It really depends on your power setting and how much you transmit… I normally run it set at 20w which is what the rig would be set at if I was using the internal batteries on the 897.

    however I do have the option of 100w when I am controlling a net…

    Average times would be 3-4 hours at 20w or about an hour at 100w doing more listening than talking…

    It should work just as well with your FT100


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