Friday afternoon outing

If you follow me on “Twitter” or noticed the comments “Bob said on Twitter” on the top right side of your screen you will know that I headed out in the afternoon to test out an 88 foot doublet and a home brewed 4:1 balun…

Now you get a little more detail…

I walked over to Hutton Park which is about a 10 min walk from home and set up…

[The radio was my FT 817 with my LDG QRP Autotuner and I set up at the baseball diamond at the park…

Anyway although the band conditions were not the best the antenna loaded up on 10-80m with no problems and did load up even on 160m but the tuner did fight it a bit…

Contacts were made on 40m and stations were heard on 20 and 80m…

It was an hour well spent…


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4 Responses to “Friday afternoon outing”

  1. Martin Says:

    Hi Bob,

    I was never able to get my 88ft doublet to work on 80m… though the KX1 ATU range is a bit limited. Just wondering if you could share some construction details… is the balun at the radio end or at the antenna end? Is it twinlead fed or coax fed? … inquiring minds🙂


    • va3qv Says:

      Hi Martin and welcome back to Ottawa… 🙂

      The 88 foot doublet started out as a 100 foot length of cheap 300 ohm Television Twin Lead that was on sale.

      I split the first 44 feet and used the remaining 56 feet as the feed line. I had it going direct to the tuner and it really did not like 80m so I put a homebrewed 4:1 balun at the end of the twin lead and then used a 10 foot (lenght I had in stock) run of RG58 to go from the balun to the LDG QRP Tuner.

      So far its been working well for me…


  2. Martin Says:

    Thanks for the info Bob.

    Perhaps we can try my 88ft doublet and homebrewed 4:1 balun with your LDG tuner just to confirm my suspicion that it’s my KX1 ATU’s limited matching range which causes my problem.

    Mine is very similair. 44ft or wire on both ends then 20 feet of 300 ohm twinlead to a 4:1 balun and a 1 foot length of coax to the radio.

    Works well on 20m and 40m but not on 80m.

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