On the RAC issue

Although the Blog stats indicate this is not your favourite topic (actually far from it) I wanted to get this off my chest…  So thanks for listening so to speak…



If you were to go to the RAC Blog you will find lots of articles of what is needed to transform RAC with many comments.  For the most part the comments have been well thought out and seem to make sense.

Some of the material is dated and was offered to the Board of Directors at the AGM held in Cornwall in 2008 and for reason unknown to me (and others) seems to be have been  “swept under the rug” so to speak.

Now by all accounts its time for a change.  The best news seeming to come out of the 2010 AGM in Halifax is that we lost less money in 2009 than in 2008…

I quote the following from the RAC Blog:

“The key business items were the financial audit for 2009 and a constitutional amendment to allow companies and institutions to become associate members of RAC. In terms of the audit the “good” news was that deficit for 2009 was less than 2008. The bad news is that there was still a deficit in 2009.

RAC Finances continues to be an issue. Our auditor noted that we are likely at the end of cost cutting measure and we need to raise revenues.  Increasing membership and increasing advertising volumes are two go-forward startegies to address revenue issues .. other options will be discussed by the Board and Executive.”
The Good News is that we lost less money???  This alone is a reason to look at changes…
So what we have now is a few dedicated people have decided that RAC is worth saving and given us lots of stuff to think about…   The only problem is that the 7 people who count here…  The only 7 people with the power to start the process for real…  The “Magnificent 7” so to speak… are staying very quiet on this one…
If you follow the “Magnificent 7” link you will go to the RAC website and see that the Magnificent 7 are the 7  Directors of RAC.
They were supposed to be elected by the RAC Members in their regions but more recently I believe that most of them have either been acclaimed (only person who wanted the job) or appointed (only person who would take the job).

On the same page you will see “Assistant Directors” and other members of the executive.  The Assistant Directors are appointed by the Director for the region to help represent the Director locally.  They have no voting rights.  The rest of the executive (President, Vice President (s),  Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the board and have no voting rights.

So here we are …  The discussion seems to have started on August 5th with this posting on the RAC Blog and I know the topic has been mentioned numerous other times on several different blogs previously but lets stay with current affairs for now…

As of 10am on August 25 2010 I have not been able to find a single rebuttal from any one of the Board of Directors.

The Director for North and East Ontario VE3XT Bill Unger did comment on a complaint about not being able to reach him and the President (not a board member) has made several comments about other peoples comments but there has been no official comment I can find (and I have been looking) from a board member.

If you can find one please  let me know…  I would love to read it…

I would not go as far as calling it a “Secret Society” (yet) but for a group of people who are supposed to know how to communicate they do seem to be a “quiet group…”

I am still Pro-RAC and I would love to have that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that they are looking at the troubles and taking steps to make a few changes to ensure our continued existance.  They already have the legal means to do so as they were elected or acclaimed or appointed to manage RAC…


For the record the following is an example of a secret society…

As you can see I still have my sense of humour … FOR NOW

My name is Bob, my callsign is VA3QV and I am a RAC Member


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6 Responses to “On the RAC issue”

  1. Peter West Says:

    Hi Bob & All:

    Thanks for speaking up about RAC and the issues we face as RAC members. I know RAC’s not everyone’s most favourite topic but the sooner we agree to work together to fix the issues that affect us and design a plan for the future, the sooner we can get back to the fun stuff in our beloved hobby of Amateur Radio.

    To spare everyone a lengthy reply, I will post my comments to you on the RAC Blog for all to read.

    But allow me one last comment: If you are not a member of Radio Amateurs of Canada then please join me in creating a strong national voice for Amateur Radio in Canada. You can join online at http://www.rac.ca

    73 – Peter – VE3HG

  2. The Magnificent Seven « Radio Amateurs of Canada Says:

    […] got a pretty good grip on what’s being ailing RAC and has the courage to speak out about it. I highly recommend  you read Bob’s post. And watch the […]

  3. Geoff Bawden Says:

    Hello Bob

    There are a number of blogs from me on our blog site. As Peter posts them a quick read will look like they are all from Peter West .. [although being our VPPR he does generate the most “ink’ [possibly John Bartlett excepted]. Any spelling errors are mine by the way… some of the Hailfax blogs were early in the morning!. You quote my blog on finances and note for that reason alone we should look at changes .. quite right but not the only reason and change must not just address financial issues, finances are only one of many issues… I believe that you did link your readers to my blogs from Halifax [there were three]… thanks for that.

    In late 2009 I collected all the strategic and planning documents for RAC over the last ten years and two documents stood out .. a 2006 Omega report and the 2008 Bartlett presentation. I had been looking for a strategic planning methodology for the board and executive and when John more recently emailed me from Colombia offering to help I invited John to the next board teleconference and we [the board and executive] determined to proceed with that specific exercise. The board and executive will meet in Ottawa at the end of October to forge a strategic vision/proposal and plan for RAC. By the way everyone of the board and executive will be paying their own way .. digging into their own pockets. John will be coming up from Colombia at his own expense. The blog is intended to generate member and ham comments before the planning session and frankly to stir comment and debate. This is a controversial approach .. not every ham supports this approach, however we have revieved more recommendations and comments in the last week as compared to any previous period. I doubt whether this public communication/publication is perfect [not everyone reads blogs] but I know that there are a number of clubs which have added the topic to their September agenda [the more clubs the merrier]. Club as well as individual ham input will prove very valuable.

    I recommend that members email their Directors with their comments. I know that Directors are responding to many queries and not all queries or responses end up on the blog.

    Take care .. thanks for your comments and putting this on your blog.

    Geoff Bawden VE4BAW

    President and Chair of the Board

    • VA3QV Says:

      Hi Geoff…

      Thanks for the reply and for reading my blog…

      My issues or concerns lie with the fact that the “Magnificent 7” have not made a statement to the general membership even acknowledging that there is a problem…

      We have 7 directors who have control of the corporation… I can blog till the cows come home and so can just about everyone else but until the Directors announce that they have decided to revamp the system its still the same old… same old…

      The first step is to admit that we have a problem… The 2nd step is to do something about the problem…

      Thanks for the information that the Directors and the Board will be meeting in Ottawa at the end of October… I would love to be a fly on the wall at that meeting…


      I think I know the answer but I had to ask…

      Failing that how about a Q & A session after the meeting…??? With you and/or the Board if they choose to attend…

      We can work out the details closer to the event…

      We all have the same agenda on this one… We all want the same things…

      Thanks for your efforts…


  4. Bill Unger Says:

    Hello Bob:

    Well first I have been called many things, but honestly can’t remember the last time I was called “Magnificent”.

    I have been the North East Ontario Director since 2007 when I was acclaimed as then Director Goodwin became President. Since that time I was acclaimed as no one chose to run against me. And just for the record I have sent in my nomination papers for another term. We will see what happens.

    I admit RAC has had a rocky last few years. That is obvious. But there is a dedicated group of volunteers still here and doing their best to ensure RAC has a long and stable future. This not only includes the Directors, but the Assistant Directors, all the Vice Presidents, ARES members, SCM’s and local Ottawa Amateurs who help out at RAC Headquarters and all the members who chose to pay their memberships. Thank you!

    In October the President, many of the Directors and Executive will be going to Ottawa (each at our own expense) to have a series of meetings to plan the future of RAC. I call that committment.

    I don’t think any of the Directors are hard to contact as each TCA has our email, address and phone number. If any one wants to contact me I am including my email here and hope to elicit some responses. I would appreciate some input. I especially would also like to hear from amateurs who want to help.

    If any Amateur really wants to help RAC here is an option. Starting Field Day 2010 until Field Day 2011 RAC is having a membership drive to get 1000 new members. If you are not a member would you consider joining or if you are a member would you consider asking a fellow Amateur to join?

    Since I have been the Director I publish a one page newsletter on a monthly basis and send it to Amateurs in the North East Ontario Region. Many of the recipients are Editors and print it in their local newsletters. If you want to be put on the list let me know.

    As I mentioned earlier, I have sent in my nomination papers for another term. If I did not think RAC would survive why would I have bothered?

    Sorry I have rambled on to long Bob, but thanks for helping carry on this discussion.

    Bill Unger VE3XT
    North East Ontario Regional Director
    Radio Amateurs of Canada
    Email ve3xt@rac.ca

  5. VA3QV Says:

    Thanks for dropping in today Bill,

    First of all if you would send me your montlhy newsletter I would like to read it and also make it public on this blog… It gives you another outlet to get your message out … but either way I would like to read it…

    Believe me when I say I believe we are on the same side… Perhaps its just that I “think out loud” at times. But I am a RAC Supporter and paid up member.

    The lack of comments from the board of directors on John’s suggestions were making me rather uneasy. I had expected responses ranging from ” They give us a good starting point” to “… Its not feasable at this time…” but I did not expect silence…

    This special executive/board meeting is a fantastic idea and is showing me that the Directors and the rest of the Executive are taking steps necessary to avoid a crisis…



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