Some “Good News” from RAC

Now there’s a headline I bet you thought you would not see….

Now getting serious I noticed some things today which I concider to be good news and its a great start…

First of all the previous posting of the RAC Director VE3XT Bill Unger is the statement that I wanted to hear about this whole situation.  The board is looking into the problem and will be having a special meeting just to address this issue.  It ain’t gonna happen overnight but in about 60 days (give or take) they will be having a meeting in Ottawa and things will get done and we hopefully will be on the road to recovery.  I don’t expect miracles but the fact that something is being done is a fantastic start in my eyes at least.  Your opinion could differ…

Second I would ask you to remember the post on the RAC Blog and yesterdays post it was mentioned that the Monthly Executive Teleconference occured.  Just for the heck of it I headed over to the RAC website and sure enough (and much to my suprise) the July Minutes which would of been approved at the August Meeting had been posted on the RAC Website.  Normally it takes me sending out a “Nastygram” or a snarky blog post to get the minutes posted promptly but this time…  No fuss and it was done.  Granted they are posted on the members only section but for now its a start and a show of good faith that they are trying to be more open and transparent.  Once again your opinion could differ but I am pleased…

Finally if you go the the RAC Blog you will see an exchange between the RAC President and myself regarding the upcoming October Special Meeting.  I suggested a “Q & A” session and he has agreed to the idea although the details do have to be worked out.  Once again the fact that this has been agreed to and in a public forum gives me confidence and also makes me wonder what other good things can come out of the “New RAC.

Can all this good work continue???  I hope so…


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