VE4 Balloon Launch Friday October 22nd

Please follow THIS LINK which will take you to the RAC BLOG which has some information on what seems to be a local Winnipeg High School who are planning an Amateur Balloon Launch tomorrow.

Catchy name “SHARP -1″…  It has to be a success… (for those who did not catch the play on words…  Go to and run VA3QV)

They will be using the following calls:

The Balloon will be using VE4SHS-14 and VE3SHS-11 with the chase car using VE4SHS-10

Try the usual tracking via or you can try THIS LINK which should bring all 3 onto your map.

Sorry folks but I do not have any more information than whats on the RAC Bulletin but I will be watching on to see how things go…

If anyone from the High School Balloon Team reads this or if someone who is in the Winnipeg Area reads this if they could please ask someone from the balloon team to send me an update with links to pictures of the recovery efforts and I will just cut and paste their email into a posting giving them credit as the guest blogger.

As most of you know I have a great interest in the Amateur Balloon Flights and welcome the chance to share information with all the groups I can.


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