RAC Meetings…My views

If you can read this… Thank A Teacher…

If you read this in English… Thank a Veteran!

“Lest we forget…”



Not pleased…

Greatly dissapointed…

P!ssed off…

With yesterdays  RAC Bulletin posted on the RAC Blog comes the news that it appears that nothing is going to change.

Instead of hearing the words “Will change” I am hearing the words “Study and committee”…

For those of you who have lived in Ottawa as long as I have…  You know those words are “Political” for doing nothing…

If you follow the blogs you will have seen some comments already…  No point in reinventing the wheel… or flogging the dead horse…  My views are as stated above at the beginning of the post and I will go into more detail (if needed) later once I have cooled down just a bit…




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