Its cold out there

Just got back inside after taking the new Par Enz fed antenna and my FT817 out to the local Park for a quick test of the new antenna.

Same setup but no tuner used today.  Used the BNC Connection on front of radio instead.    Radio stayed warm…  I froze…

I stretched it out between two trees with the height being about 9 feet at the coax end of things and about 15 feet at the other end…

Using the built in SWR meter on the FT817 (which I trust) the results were good without pruning the antenna whatso ever…

1:1 on 10m… about 1.5:1 on 12m (not supposed to work there) 1.5:1 on 20m and 1.5:1 on 40m.

Seems fairly broad banded as well as the SWR was good on 7.055, 7.1.53 and 7.255.  In addition the SWR was good on 14.140, 14.250, 14.342.5

Safe to say that so far I am a happy camper…  However I did not dress warm enough to stay outside to try for any contacts so this first try was just to check the SWR…  But the signals were coming in good from the antenna with strong signals in on 20 and 40…

Now the next step is for me to get used to the cold temps.  Last January I was outside for the SPAR Winter Field Day at minus 20 deg C and today its just below 0 deg C and I’m shivering…  Us Canadians are a hardy bunch once we get used to the cold…  Today I’m not so hardy…


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2 Responses to “Its cold out there”

  1. Graham Says:

    Hey Bob,

    Glad to hear you are please with the Par End Fed antenna. Sounds like a nice piece of kit.

    I have been favouring OCFD (windom) like antennas but like any dipole are not always the easily to use in the field needing some sort of support for the heavier center bit especially if it has balun.

    The end fed style of dipole is very interesting but I have not practical experience with them but I have been reading what I can on the subject and collecting a few bits and pieces with the intention of building one or more for field and maybe home use too. Another of those projects that “are on the pile”.

    cheers, Graham ve3gtc

    • VA3QV Says:

      Hi Graham,

      Suddenly it seems that End Fed Antennas are becoming my antenna of choice between the Par Endz Fed for 10-12-20-40 at 39 feet long and the W3EDP for 10 to 160 at 84 feet long. Both are equally easy to set up and can be used in many different variations. Inverted L, Sloper, Flatop and I guess if you could find the right support even a vertical…

      I have always had the right radio (FT817) for portable use… I have my choice of a 2.5ah, 5ah, 7ah and 12ah battery to use with it and now the choice of the Endzfed (10-12-20 and 40)or the Buddistick (6-40) depending on the conditions….

      It seems that now the station is truly portable and if I pack my solar panel with it… almost self sufficient

      I also have a homebrewed 6-80 windom which works like a charm on the FT817 with no tuner or a homebrewed 88 foot doublet but the end fed styles are easier and quicker to get setup in the field…

      Now if I only had decent weather for the whole year….Like I said I almost froze yesterday….


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