Thinking of ordering from the States?

For those of you who might have something left over after the Christmas Shopping Frenzy and also did not stand in line for hours on Boxing Day to get the biggest deals….

From today’s (December 28 2010) Ottawa Citizen Newspaper comes the news that our Canadian Dollar is at parity (or damn close) to the American Dollar…

What this means is that most likely if you are going to be buying any mid size to big ticket Radio item till the Canadian Dealers change prices to reflect the differences in the dollar you could get some really good deals on gear in the states.  This most likely will be a short time gain as last time the Canadian Dollar dropped they price changes seemed to be about a week behind the changes…

Personally I would just say shop Canadian and give the Canadian Retailer a chance to match the American Prices which they sometimes do but…  In these days the $$$ is tight and unfortunately you gotta go where the deals are…

Lets comparison shop for a minute…

The Yaesu VX8-gr which I happen to own (bought from Radioworld at the Carp Hamfest) is selling today for $339.95 at the Universal Radio Website.

If you switch over to the Radioworld Website the same radio is retailing for $415.00.

(Prices were accurate as of 1300hrs EST on December 28 2010)


So given the Dollar is about as close to Par as you can get if you order on line from the States it will cost you $340.00 plus shipping a few days delay while the package clears customs.  Depending on how they ship it there also could be some brokerage fees.  If you order the same item from Canada it will cost you $415.00 plus shipping and taxes.

The last time I ordered anything from Universal Radio I did not pay anything for Brokerage Fees (shipped by USPS) and I don’t believe there was any taxes on the item. It did take a few days to make it to Ottawa.  I have heard some horror stories about having to pay brokerage fees when they ship by Courier or Parcel Delivery Sevice.

The last time I ordered from Radioworld I did pay Canadian Taxes on the item and the shipping was overnight.

There is something to be said for the security you get from ordering from a Canadian dealer however.  Knowing that you package should be there overnight and the fact that if you need to get something fixed under warranty  all you do is send it back (no custom papers necessary) and the repairs are done fairly quickly and its back to you again.  I remember when my FT817 blew the finals many years ago.

Saturday morning my non functioning FT 817 arrived in Toronto…Monday morning I got an email from Radioworld Service telling me the finals were blown and they would be replaced under warranty.   Thursday morning my repaired radio arrived at my place and on Thursday afternoon I was in the park making contacts…  Now thats good service!!!

So as you can see there are some benefits from shopping on either side of the border….  I guess your circumstances will determine how you spend you money but read the following article and at least you will be informed when you make your purchase…

Loonie hits parity with U.S. dollar.

If the Canadian Dealers react fast enough now that the Canadian Dollar is rising then the incentive to buy Canadian is there…

Thanks to the Ottawa Citizen for the excellent article…


One Response to “Thinking of ordering from the States?”

  1. GW7AAV Says:

    Same radio UK price = £349.95 or $543.44 (Can) or $539.40 (US)

    It is still rip off Britain and they cannot make the excuse with radios that we drive on the other side of the road.

    With consumer electronics at all time low prices it is hard to bear. For nearly an extra $200 I could fly out to the US and buy one.

    So called Value Added Tax goes up in Blighty from 17.5 to 20% in January so the price difference will be almost double US prices.

    Regards Steve

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