Remember Murphy??? He came back…

Its been a few days so heres the latest update to the Renovation/Makeover Station Project…

I did sell my FT847 and my FT857 is out on a test drive with its soon to be (hopefully) new owner…

I went to set up my Ft897 with the loops as the primary VHF Rig and found out that somewhere along the way I lost a powercable…  The FT897 uses the same DC  Powercable as the FT847 and FT857 so I did not notice the missing cable for the FT897 till after the FT847 and 857 had left my house.  Despite all the numbers what it really means is that I was not able to set up the FT897 as I have no way to power it…  I did clean up the shack quite a bit looking for the missing cable but other than having less junk in the shack… no luck…  As I spent most of my free time looking for the cable I did not get the VHF/6m loop antennas up…

Also it seems that my 2m fm rig… the FT2900 has failed.  According to the power meters its transmitting fine but the recieve is not there…  This is a bit of an issue because its a rig that retails new for $200.00 and I bought mine used a year ago for much less… OH BOTHER…

So I figure that when Murphy visited he stole my power cable and perhaps did something to the FT2900….

But back to reality….  I still have to do the musical antenna thing for the VHF Loops but I have some award certificates to get ready for the OVMRC Meeting on Thursday then we get into Field Day preparations…  Right after Field Day comes the RAC Canada Day Contest so it looks like I’ll get back to the renovations sometime in August…

The way my lousy time management thing is going ….  Look for VE3RAM 3A ON in Field Day or VA3QV-7 on APRS because you probally won’t hear me on HF till I find time to order and install the new toys….



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