Unexpected Results from the ONTARIO QSO PARTY 2011

Well you would have to go back to April 2011 and see a few of my posts for this really to sink in but I will give you the shortened version…

First of all if you don’t submit your score you can’t win…  and every now and again a score that you really don’t think is any good but you submit anyway can really suprise you….

This year I participated from home (City of Ottawa) in the SOLP Phone Catagory (Single Operator Low Power )  For those of you not totally in sinc with the power thing…  low power would be concidered above 5 watts output (QRP) up to I believe 100 watts output which by strange coincidence is the maximum power that my FT 847 (recently sold) had.  In addition the Phone means Voice Mode (not Morse Code or Digital)

My Score as claimed and as accepted was:

86 contacts for a total of 123 points with a total multi of 53 for a grand total of 6466 points

Now as some of you serious contesters are now rolling on the floor laffing as loud as you can….  Lets remember my simple contest goals…  These are the reason I do this…  Other than to give you serious contesters about 86 contacts this year….  Without guys like me who would you serious types talk to???

Back to the Goals

1.  Have fun.    It has to be fun or why am I doing it?

2. Try and finish in the top 50% in whatever catagory I participate in.

So lets look at things….  I did have fun…  I sat in the shack for about 12 hours or so over a two day period and made 86 contacts.  It was fun…  Now my 2nd goal was also more than achived as my meager 6466 points managed to be the High Score in my Catagory (SOLP Phone) for the City of Ottawa (sub catagory) it was also good enough for 4th place for the Province of Ontario in my Catagory (SOLP Phone).

So once again while those serious types are still laffing….  it goes back to the idea that if you submit your scores you stand a chance of winning.  This is the third year my score has been good enough for High Score SOLP Phone (City of Ottawa) but in 2010 I did not submit the score,  so I won in 2009 and 2011 and could of won in 2010 if I had thought to submit that very poor score…

But I did have fun so thanks to the 86 operators who had a good enough station to hear my 100w though my W3EDP antenna and also thanks to the Contest Club Ontario for sponsoring the contest on a yearly basis…

For those of you who are interested the results from this years event and previous events are on line here…


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