Happy Canada Day 2011

Seeing as I plan to operate in the RAC Canada Day Contest and I got good feedback from last year’s Canada Day post I have decided to “Recycle” and just edit out a few things to reflect the new date 2011.

I hope to work you in the Canada Day Contest  and I will be operating from home on 2m to 160m and at this time I believe if the weather is nice the rig will be the FT817 (QRP) from the Patio but if it rains then it will the the same radio from the dryness of the shack.

The rest of today will be spent making sure the batteries for the 817 are charged and that the BBQ Tanks are filled and that the Canada Day Contest Software is installed on the Netbook.  If I manage any “Rare Contacts” I will be updating the blog with my brag list…

This is being posted a little early but later tonight time will be a factor with family, the BBQ and the Canada Day Contest all demanding my time… and I can only be in one place at one time…


Follows is a reblog of last years Canada Day Blog Entry:


Hill Cam Image 2009-06-29 15:09:19 EST

Here is a screen shot from the Hill Cam at Parliament Hill

It is being updated on a reqular basis so every time you come back to this page the view should change.

The following updated to reflect Canada Day 2011<If you watch around 1300 hrs local on Canada Day you might see HRH Prince William of Wales and his bride as they are scheduled to be at the ceremonies around that time.>


The above picture is a capture from the same cam in 2006



1867 to 2011

Happy Birthday Canada

And with many more to come


Canada’s Sport is Hockey…



Canada’s symbol is the Maple Leaf…

National Canadian Flag

Its on our Flag…

canadian-maple18-reverse-lrgIts on our Money

And as you can see its just about everywhere…


Canada’s Nationial Animal is the “Beaver”…

canada-day_2No not that one…

beaver_72This one…

And we are a proud people…

So in honour (not honor) of the Birthday of Canada, our national holiday please excuse me for making a non amateur radio related post today when I say…



Happy Birthday Canada from a Proud Canadian…




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