Coming soon to a radio near you…

The other day courtesy of the RAC Blog came the news that Canadian Amateurs should start looking for antennas that are useable in the 60m band as Industry Canada is looking at things in a positive way…

I quote from the RAC Blog article…

“The new frequencies would be included in the schedule of amateur frequencies in the updated edition of RBR-4 to be released for public consultation in the future. Public submissions will be considered by Industry Canada in preparation for the final version of RBR-4. Any new frequencies it contains would become available to Canadian amateurs at the time of release of the updated RBR-4. Thus, if all goes well, Canadian amateurs may expect to gain access to frequencies at 60m, basically the same as those in the US, some time this fall”

As most of my gear is current with the exception of my older FT817 I find this to be good news as the FT897 and my FT450 have the 60m band included already.  I am told that there is a way to enter the frequencies in the FT817 but I have not researched this yet…  If its a software trick I might try it but if its a hard mod then it won’t happen…

Its been a long while since I used the words “Good News and RAC” in the same sentence.  Hope this is just a start…


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