Its that time of the Year… Foymount road trip

Mark it on your callenders…  Input it in your smart phones…  Scribble it in your Day Planner and tie a string on your finger…

Every year (for the last 3 years now) a bunch of us from Ottawa heads up the Ottawa Valley to the now defunct CFS Foymount which used to be a cold war Radar Base.  The houses are still there but everything past the gate that used to say no trepassing has been bulldozed long ago.  Now there are only a couple of commercial communications towers at the top but its one heck of a place to play radio from.

If you enlarge the map we usually operate at the end of Lawrence road where it dead ends

The date for this years trip is Saturday March 10th…

So far we have VA2BBW, VA3SIE, VA3QV, VE3CMD as confirmed operators but no doubt there will be a few more as the regulars check their emails and for one year we actually had to coordinate frequency use we had so many rigs up there..  We actually go up to operate in the Polar Bear Club Midnight Madness Event.  The event is mostly CW and also is QRP.  As you know I’m not much of a CW op but I do bring a full QRP station and normally operate whereever anyone else is not interested in playing.  2m and 6m ssb is great from that high location so I can always find somewhere to toss out some RF.

Heres a write up from my March 2010 trip and heres some pictures and  some more background is here.

I have operated a couple of the VHF contests there as well and always have had a blast.  There will be more details including the rest of the operators as we get closer to the date but for now….


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5 Responses to “Its that time of the Year… Foymount road trip”

  1. ve3clqBill VE3CLQ Says:

    Hmmmmm………….you have me thinking now Bob…..I think I’m free that weekend!

  2. VE3CLQ Bill Says:

    Bob, have you guys any timings yet? Estimated time of Foymount?

    73, Bill

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