Back from CANWARN Training

well Erika ( my daughter) and I are now back at her apartment after having lunch AFTER COMPLETING OUR CANWARN TRAINING SESSION.  The session was limited to 100 participants and was open to the general public as well as the Amateur community but I would guess that there was about 20 hams there…

I was not taking attendance and it was too early to remember all who was there but I would like to congradulate VA3DGN, VE3XGD, VE3MPG for winning door prizes and also thank VE3MPG for drawing my ticket so I won a door prize as well…

Although at this time there is not an organised Amateur Radio CANWARN program in the Ottawa area but it would not take me by suprise if with all the local “movers and shakers” there if it did not suddenly happen in the near future…

I found the course very informative and interesting…  Now I know when to run… 

On a serious side I would like to thank Environment Canada for providing the training session and for the coffee and snacks we had at break…  If you have a chance to take the training I would recommend it…


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