Upcoming Amateur Radio Special Event- VX3W

This coming Saturday (May 19th) right in the middle of the “Victoria Day Long Weekend” members of the Manotick Amateur Radio Group (MARG) will be operating Amateur Radio Special Event Station VX3W  from Fort Wellington In Prescott Ontario.


I think they say it fairly well with this exerpt from their infomation release…  Amateur radio parts copied here…

The event

In recognition of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, an event coinciding with Parks Canada’s festivities at Fort Wellington on the May 19th weekend is proposed. Amateur radio clubs and individual operators would be invited to make contact with our special event station on Saturday, May 19

th. Special amateur radio call signs marking the event would be requested from Industry Canada, the ministry responsible for the amateur radio service, and special QSL cards and/or certificates would be issued by each station.

Parks Canada would be asked to designate an area at Fort Wellington where an amateur radio station could be established for the duration of the event. Ideally, this would include the provision of a few electrical outlets. To provide shelter, the station would probably be set up under tents/tarps. Temporary antennas would need to be set up and these would be provided by the participants. Placement of the antennas would be coordinated by the participants with the Parks Canada staff.

The public would be invited to stop by the event station to learn about the hobby and possibly act as guest operators under the supervision of a licensed amateur radio operator.

So if you have nothing to do on the 19th why not give a listen for a Canadian Special Event Station???  For most of Ontario they should be readable on the 40m band.  For those of you further away try 20m and they expect to be spotted on the clusters so it will make it easier to find them.

If you live closer then why not drive over for a visit and guest operate…????  Come over and see the faces behind the microphone so to speak…  Or the face that goes with the blog even…

If you need any more information feel free to contact Gordon Dewis who is the President of the Manotick Group via the following:

email:  ve3xgd@pinetree.org

As we used to say up in the “Ottawa Valley”…  “They are a good buncha lads and will put on a good show… 


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