The VX3W (Sunburned but happy) aftermath

Well I’m back from Fort Wellington in Prescott Ontario where I operated 40m at VX3W.  This was a special event station operated by the Manotick Amateur Radio Group for the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812

The band conditons were not the best and we had a higher than usual noise level which I suspect came from some sort of electrical device located inside the visitors center at the Fort.  Despite the static we did manage to make contacts on 40m and 20 m ssb.  VE3XGD operated with his Yaesu FT857 and a Buddipole Deluxe and I operated with my FT897 and a clone of the S9 31 foot vertical.

In addition to the contacts made we had many visitors drop in for a visit.  I did not know that Prescott had so many amateurs…  One of the participants in the reenactment was also an amateur so he came over for a visit inbetween battles… We also had a few visitors from a little further affield…  Its strange how amateurs always seems to find an antenna in a crowd…

Our VIP visitor of the day was the CEO of Parks Canada who was in town for the ceremonies.  He dropped in for a visit and also guest operated for a few minutes….  He made one contact…  It should be mentioned that Parks Canada has supported several DXPeditions by letting us operate on their property which includes the Rideau Canal System.  We hope to take advantage of their generosity again in the future…

Once I got back home Liz noticed a slight change in my colour and it was determined that I got a bit too much sun today….  I’ll pay for it later but it was worth it…


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3 Responses to “The VX3W (Sunburned but happy) aftermath”

  1. ve3clq Says:

    Listened for you guys all day and never heard a peep, and never saw you on the DX cluster either. I now consider Prescott to be rare DX🙂

    Glad you had fun.

  2. VA3QV Says:

    Hi Bill….

    Could of been we were too close for 40m and my vertical would not load on 80…

    Thanks for trying though….

    Don’t know why Prescott would be rare DX… I think I met about 5 hams who dropped in for a visit from there…

    Maybe you might hear something from me on the RLCT as I will be at the start/finish line on Saturday/Sunday… but I have not seen anyother details yet…

    Thanks for the visit…


  3. ve3clq Says:

    Bob, we had a meeting for the RLCT about 2 months ago in Perth so that Keith and Sally could hand things over to the new Comms Manager. Last I heard from the new guy all was in place and ready to go.

    I’m going to assume that as he’s new on the job there will be a last minute panic🙂

    We’re all set to go here on the Frontenac County portion, and are looking forward to a couple of bright sunny days.

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