Field Day Saturday Report

So far this has been a great day…  I jumped (ok just sat) on the electric vespa and headed over the the Science Museum and visited with my friends at the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club…  It was around 1230 and they were still getting the gear set up for their 2A station.  I wandered around and chatted as they worked…  Just before 2pm I headed off on the Vespa to the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club site which was at St Pauls University and visited with more friends…  Another 2A site  and more chatting.  It was a real fanatastic way to spend the afternoon…  I listened for a while on 6m but the band but the band did not seem to be open although I could hear sounds of contacts coming from the SSB tent and the CW Trailer.

At the OARC site I ran into VE3XRA Glenn who is the RAC Deputy Director for the North and East Ontario Section and also City of Ottawa Councillor Hobbs  who was nice enough to show up for a visit.

I made it back home on the Electric Vespa with a few amps left in the battery and am looking forward to Sunday and part 2 of the Field Day experience.


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