Intruder Alert (what we can do)

I received an email from a good friend today.  He had read the previous posting on the 2m intruders and suggests the following:


Greetings All,

Today I was sent a link by Bob-VA3QV in Ottawa showing that the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada has been openly promoting the use of a 2m frequency by non-hams (link below).

I have sent the following email to Industry Canada, the Minister for IC (at both his emails), the IARU Region 2 Intruder Watch, RAC, RAC President, and our local MP, asking if the use of the frequency was authorized, and if not, to do something about this state of affairs.  There have been too many cases in the last few years of intruders on our frequencies, both UHF and HF.

If we do not start to question these intruders and ask IC why they are allowed to do this with no penalty, pretty soon the need for a ham license will be redundant!

Obviously my lone voice will not do too much so I’m asking you all to take the time and cut and paste the letter into your own email, and send it to the email address I have shown below.  Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil!  Also feel free to send it on to other hams you know around the country and ask them to do the same……the more the merrier!!

Thanks and 73 Bill VE3CLQ

This email should be sent to:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to enquire if the Canadian Paragliding National Championships were authorized to us the frequency of 146.415 for their national competition held at Pemberton, BC, from August 5 to 12 2012?

Shown quite openly and clearly on the web site of the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada on the page with the rules of the competition, (, Rule 8.1 states that the: “Safety frequency is 146.415 MHz all pilots must have radios equipped to receive and transmit on this frequency”.  Surely they should be using a frequency within the aeronautical band?

As you will know 146.415 is within the allotted spectrum of the Amateur Radio 2m Band and a license issued by Industry Canada is required to transmit on that frequency. 

We amateur radio operators are getting very concerned about individuals intruding on the ham bands; it seems to be happening much more often than in the past.  We all understand that we are supposed to police our own hobby, but there is only so much we can do before the clout of Industry Canada must step into the picture.

If this use of the amateur radio 2m band was not authorized by Industry Canada, could I please request on behalf of all Canadian amateurs that Industry Canada send a letter to the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada warning them of their illegal promotion and use of the 2m amateur band? 

Yours Sincerely,


Thanks to Bill VE3CLQ for the idea….  Bill also has a blog that makes for good reading…  Check out my blogroll on the right hand side of the page…

Feel free to send out the question….

Hopefully someone should have an answer…

I’ll  hold off on the flames till I see the answer…  But we deserve an answer to the question.


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2 Responses to “Intruder Alert (what we can do)”

  1. Warren Paulson Says:

    Bob, I sent off letters. Good idea. I also went to the event’s site and posted a copy of my letter to organizer Nigel Protter. I received the following response from him. I would be interested in knowing if IC really gave him the advice he suggests. I think it is a flagrant and deliberate mis-interpretation of the regs to buy an amateur radio for the purposes of emergency communications. I also have my doubts that the ham frequency was used for life-threatening emergencies only. On the other hand, it is a perfectly legitimate use of the aeronautical bands. His e-mail is


    Hello Warren,

    Many, if not most paraglider pilots are HAM licensed in Canada or their own country.

    Given this challenge, my understanding after discussions with a senior spectrum manger at IC is that a protocol for paraglider pilots to enjoy the safety of amateur band radio without violating the regs assumes the following:

    1/ It is legal for a non-licensed person to possess a programable amateur band transceiver.
    2/ It is legal for a non-licensed person to listen to amateur radio channel communications.
    3/ It is legal for a non-licensed person to transmit on an amateur radio frequency radio in an emergency that involves significant actual or potential injury or risk to persons or to property. This is a judgement call where reason must prevail.
    4/ Non radio-licensed pilots must refrain from transmitting unless they are involved in or assisting in an “emergency”.
    5/ Non-licensed pilots who sensed a real need to issue a PIREP (pilot weather condition report for the purpose of flight safety) would issue a radio call as follows:
    “Securitée, Securitée, this is pilot number , Level (1,2 or 3) conditions encountered as follows at , Securitée Securitée, over”
    6/ Non-licensed pilots who are making an unplanned out-landing might, for safety purposes, issue a “Securitée” advising of their outlanding location.
    7/ Licensed or unlicensed pilots may likewise issue a pan pan or mayday message at their discretion in the interest of safety and security.

    As paraglider pilots we are not spectrum managers or enforcers. Some use the radio for safety in support of the hobby. Local pilots are not in any position to police or inspect other pilots who may or may not use radios for whatever purpose. Most pilots do understand and respect the scarcity and public utility of spectrum, and do our best to minimize its abuse by others.

    146.415 and I believe also 146.460 are commonly used all over the world by licensed amateur radio operators who fly gliders as a chat channel.

    Perhaps there might be a way to get HAMs and flyers together to work out a system that works for all and meets the regs? Maybe we can improve the regs?

    Radio abuse will be an ongoing issue I’m afraid, but education is the key. Also, please remember most pilots are HAMs too.

    best regards,

    Nigel Protter
    604-894-0116 Direct

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