Friday AM in the shack

Well it looks like this weekend could be a bit “damp” if you can believe the Weather Network and recently they seem to have been bang on so it looks like it will be a weekend to stay indoors…  And as I can’t find any Poker on TV I guess I might as well use that as an excuse to sit in the shack and try and get some new contacts in the log…

I am hearing  stations on 10-12-15-17 and 20m but so far I only have contacts in the log on 20m (Kenora Ontario) and 17m with the 17m contact being the furthest (Germany).  Things have really improved in the last hour so I am hoping for some good DX.

Later this afternoon I have to go over to the RAC office and get my TCA Magazine re-directed to my local branch of the Ottawa Public Library.  I have checked with the Library and they are more than happy to accept the donation every 2nd month.   Now that I can read TCA on line I might as well send the hard copy to where it will be appreciated and it also might even convince someone to join our  hobby….

And yes I most likely could do this over the phone but…  The RAC offices are very close to my home and also even closer to my Doctors office as as one of the places I need to drop in today is the Doctors…  I might as well drop in at RAC and say Hi to the office staff and take care of business in person…  I’ve also heard a rumour that Mike VE3IPC who is the new SECTION MANAGER for Ontario East (ONE) will be there and I think that we were supposed to find time for a coffee next time he was in town… I guess its time…  Mike and I go back a long way…  we both got our tickets in 1991 and we both were members of the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club back then… Mike moved east of Ottawa and has been very busy with ARES and the Ontario Section and now with the Ontario East Section…

As far as the rest of the weekends activities you will have to check back later if you wish…  I am hoping that the WX might clear up so I can get the 817 outside but…  At this time the forecasts is for damp and I do not plan to be too far from home on Saturday and on the Sunday evening we will be taking my daughter Erika out for her Birthday supper…  Somehow I don’t think she wants “a Happy Meal” anymore as that used to be a birthday favourite….  Ah yes they do grow up fast ….

So anyway folks…  Stay dry and work some good DX


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4 Responses to “Friday AM in the shack”

  1. Arthur va3bit Says:

    Good idea, Bob, about “donating” your TCA subscription to your local branch of the Ottawa Library. I should do the same thing. I just checked, and it appears the main branch doesn’t have a subscription although the Nepean branch does. I may donate to the main branch if that’s not where you’re redirecting your subscription.

    Thanks again for the idea,

    • VA3QV Says:

      Good Morning Arthur and thanks for the comments and the visit….

      I was at the RAC office on Friday pm and asked the Office Manager to re direct my Canadian Amateur Magazine to the Elmvale Acres Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. He was going to look into it and get back to me… As he has not gotten back to me I am guessing that he was able to comply with my request…

      Was good to see you at Britannia last weekend…. CU on the air


  2. Arthur va3bit Says:

    Thanks for your blog entry on both the Portable Ops Demo in Brittania, and the QRP event at Rideau Provincial Park. The QRP event looked like a lot of fun! If there’s no conflict next year, I’ll seriously consider going bicycle HF mobile and ride to the park and camp for the two nights.


    • VA3QV Says:

      Well thanks for reading them…. if you and the others were not reading them… I would be writing to myself… And I think that could fit in the same catagory of “Talking to myself”….

      I think you will find that Chillycon and Britannia will always conflict (as they have for the last 3 years…) Chillycon has been around longer but is now getting more popular… Its becoming “an EVENT”

      But you would have a great time playing radio at the Provincal Park….


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