Follow up to the SET Posting

If you think back to my posting of  October 13th (Some stuff to think about on the SET weekend) and I quoted from the New York City ARESC Website  some of the comments made by Mr Craig Fugate who is the Administrator for FEMA.  I found exerpts of his address (edited ) related to amateur radio on Youtube and I (as always) thought to share them with you here.

Thanks to the NYCARESC for bringing it to my attention…

Nows thats a fairly good intoduction into how the Ottawa ARES Set went…

This years SET (Simulated Emergency Test) was held on Sunday October 14th.  In a mass mailing to our membership via email we were (warned) instructed/ requested to check with with the Net Control Station on the primary EMRG Repeater (146.880  ctcss 136.5) for instructions for the SET.  They were further instructed to check in between 0900 and 1000 local time

The instructions (for those who read their emails and checked in with the Net) recieved were simple…  Put together your go kit and contact the NCS who would be on the air starting at 1200 and make your ways to Parking Lot 8 at Algonquin College on Woodroffe Ave for 1300 hrs.

Once at Algonquin the participants were to get their GO KIT checked for content, recieve a hand out which contains the new updated mutual aid frequencies and then they were given a tasking…

The tasking was to go to a location where you could contact one of our neighboring ARES Groups (info from the hand out) via radio and check in with them.

You were then to return to your home location and send in your activity report for the day (via email) and then the exercise (or your particiaption in the exercise) was finished…

I found it to be interesting and as always there were lessons learned…  For me…  There is no point packing a GO Kit that you can’t carry…  I packed way too  heavy… and at the last minute had to cut items and those were the wrong items to cut…  Back to square one for the next time…

Others were in the same boat…  We all packed way too much stuff…  Its nice to have the toys to bring but why not bring the toys you need???  I will be asking myself that question when I try and get kit down to one bag that I can carry…

Those who checked in for the morning session learned something that day…  Those who did not…  well…


PS…  there were some questions about what I had in my go kit….  The best answer I can give is WAY TOO MUCH…  but once I get it down to an effective but managable size…  I will share it with you

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