Out for some fresh air

This afternoon (after checking the Weather ) I decided to head over to Weston Park with the FT 817 and the Par QRP Antenna to try and take advantage of the excellent band conditions…  Another excuse (as if I needed one) for heading over to the park was that the Electric Vespa had a dead battery and I had to charge it up for use tomorrow.  The charger for the Scooter is noisier than heck and throws lots of noise on the bands from 6m to 160m….  Its not a big deal…  and it takes less than 12 hours for the scooter to charge so I play at the park for a while and then just stay off HF till the charge is complete…

I managed to make the following contacts:

10m ssb…VA3MPM… Mike in Ottawa via Groundwave

10m ssb…PD1DX… Netherlands

10m ssb…EB2AM…Spain

17m ssb…CU6AY…The Azores

17m ssb…KC3FL… Florida USA

This is a good time to be anywhere playing radio as these are the days before the CQ WW Contest which means that this week all the really big guns are out testing the superstations before the contest.  If you are looking for anything rare there is an excellent chance you will find it this week before the contest which starts on the weekend…

You can follow this link to see the rules for the contest.

While we are talking about the contesters…  I would like to say the operators of PD1DX, EB2AM and CU6AY really have their stations fine tuned as they were able to pick out my QRP signal through a really rough pile up…  And then they showed real class by saying  “Everyone stand by … the QRP station… go again…  They could of taken the easy route and ignored me…  They heard me (just) but took the time to clear the frequency so they could get me in the log…

Its safe to say that when the results are in that those callsigns should be close (if not at the top) of their catagories…  Its had to beat good equipment and good operators…


…  ps…. yes I know I still owe you a report on JOTA…  Its written but I’m still waiting for a few more pics that are supposed to be sent to me…  Later today I hope or I’ll just post it with the few pics I have…

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2 Responses to “Out for some fresh air”

  1. Bas PE4BAS Says:

    Hi Bob, very nice results. You probabely checked out PD1DX’s antennas on qrz.com? Or on http://www.pd1dx.com. That’s why he heard you😉. I did have some QSO’s with him in the past (imagine I’m living about 400 Km to the north of him) on 10m. And he always had a big signal. We called him Mr. Microbeam that time🙂. 73, Bas

    • VA3QV Says:

      After looking at his antenna farm there is NO DOUBT that he was doing most of the work… But I was able to get my 5w QRP signal heard by him to break the pile up… It was a good day…

      Thanks for the comment and the visit…

      CU Later

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