Apple Hill Scouts JOTA

I was holding this with the hope of getting more pictures…. Instead I will edit this to include more pictures when (if) I get them…

Saturday morning I met up with Mike VA3MPM and Geoff VE3YCB and we headed out to the Apple Hill Scout Reserve to assist 5 local (to Apple Hill) Scouts and Cubs groups with the Jamboree on the Air.  Along with the three of us from Ottawa we also were joined by Mel VE3OJN and Jean VE3WHS.

The VE3ORF/3730 group from Ottawa had been asked to help out with the set up and provide supervising operators for the stations…



After meeting up with Jean and Mel at a small restaurant off the Highway 417 at exit 51 for breakfast we headed south to the Apple Hill Scout Reserve.


Once arriving at the Reserve we were greeted with the sight of a 48 foot self supporting tower wth several dipoles being fed by one feed line and a 2m beam…  Things were looking up already…

Above Picture shows the tower- Courtesy

This was taken earlier by a visitor to the Camp.  Found it on the WWW

Above- IC 746 up and running

Mike had brought his ICOM 746 pro 2 for the HF bands and we had the Yaesu FT 847 that belonged to Jean on VHF.  I brought my FT 817 and W3EDP Antenna and had it set up outside the building that we were set up in to show the Scouts the small more portable side of Amateur Radio…

Above- FT 817 set up outside

Between the tower, antennas and a friendly flag pole we had no troubles getting everything on the air in a fairly quick manner.  The tower really helped and it was installed thanks to the previous Scout Camp Warden Wade Bates.  Wade VE3WIB was the Camp Warden from 2002 till his death in 2009. I had worked him many times in the past especially in contests as Wade was an avid contester

After finishing the set up and testing the gear we were invited to walk to a large clearing and watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Camp.  The groups marched in with their flags and the Canadian Flag was unfurled and ran up the flagpole.  Groups were introduced and we were introduced as the JOTA Radio Operators…

While walking over to the site I saw a nice looking plaque and saw this…

To be honest I could not think of a better way to remember an old friend…

So now back to the event….

We wandered back to where we had the gear set up at and awaited for the groups to come over…  They started off by looking at my gear as I was set up by the front door of the building that housed the bigger stuff…  A few contacts were made (mostly on 40m) as the guys inside were active on the higher bands (10m-20) Despite my antenna being crossing under their antenna which might of caused some RCV overload at times the Scouts operating my station made contacts with several stations and had lots of fun.


They seemed amazed that the gear all fit into the backpack. 

A few of them had been at previous JOTA events so I am guessing their previous exposures to the hobby were not QRP.


To their credit…  The groups from the Cubs to the Ventures were all polite and listened to the explanations of how things were supposed to work.  A few of them took to it right away and wanted (and did) make contacts and a few others needed a bit of encouragement but they had fun (or seemed to) anyway…

After the group had finished with me they they went inside and got to use the bigger radios with the higher antennas and seemed equally impressed.

One thing for sure they had an easier time making contacts with 100w as compared to 5w…

However contacts were made with:

W2BSN 40m

N2T 40m

VE3OMA 80m

VE3CRU 40m JOTA Station

VA3MXY 40m JOTA Station

VE3JW 40m JOTA Station

(There were a few other contacts but either the logger got the calls wrong or the person giving the calls had trouble with phonetics so … Either way no point in listing if they could not be found on & and the two US calls with no links were participating in the NY State QSO Party and were nice enough to say hi  but they were otherwise occupied )

On top of my list I do know that the Higher Freqs were “a rockin” (direct quote from one of the operators) and that the logs were filling up quickly on 10-15-20m…  But I don’t have their logs so I can only comment our our luck as a QRP Station…  All in all for 5 w and a wire antenna I think we did good..  The Scouts and their leaders were happy and so were we…

Around 1600 local we tore down and packed up and headed back to Ottawa after a stop for supper at a little place called the “Red Door” in Moose Creek Ontario…  I can vouch for the fact that the “Wings are great and the Draft was cold” …  Making it a perfect ending for an excellent day…


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