DXCC Update

Well as of Wednesday November 14th the scoreboard shows the following:


97 confirmed out of 145 accoding to HRD Log and LoTW 

This one is going a bit slower than I thought…  I was believing the Hype from the ARRL about LoTW.  Although this is an excellent way to confirm QSOs without the high postal costs of Paper Cards not everyone uploads their logs as quickly as one believes or would like.  Yesterday my comfirmation of DXCC 97 arrived just over 1 year after the contact was made.  Seeing that it was from a Holiday resort its almost like he forgot to u/l the log before he left the condo and did it as soon as he got back this year.  Actually I worked him this year 2012 as well and have not seen that confirmation on LoTW yet.  Only 3 to go and 48 DXCC entities not heard from yet so I am hoping it will happen soon…


25 out of 100 in the Manual Log

(The above 2 certificates are used for display only.  I have not met the requirements for either award (yet) )

This is one that I just started on…  I did not know it was a seperate program from the DXCC Program.  I found out the other day when after chatting to a QRP DXer we were comparing scores….  I just went back through my Portable Operations Logbook…  I managed to find about 18 months worth of paper logs and after checking them out carefully I found that although most of my contacts were in North America I did contact 25 DXCC entities from the various Ottawa Area Parks….  I now keep track of the list a bit more carefully and once I get the QRO (100w) DXCC confirmed I plan to dial back the power on the FT 450 and work on my QRP DXCC as well.  In the meantime I normally work on DXCC from home and QRP DXCC from the parks…

But as you know I do opertate QRP Portable all year long which includes the cooler months…

Hope to get you in the log sooner than later…


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One Response to “DXCC Update”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I suppose there’s always hope… just a few days ago I received an LoTW confirmation for a contact made during a contest in 2002. So we can say that LoTW is better in many way, but not necessarily faster!

    GL. 73. Jeff. KE9V.

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