Getting everything setup for the Sweeps

Well…  I think its all ready….

Radio, borrowed tuner and software all seem to be working….  The last issue (I hope) with the logging software was figured out a few minutes ago with the assistance of VA3GFD (Don) and so I hope think guess that I am ready for the start of the SS tomorrow.

As with every contest I go into I know that I am not going to win… and in an event this size placing or showing will be difficult but i do know that there is a very good chance that everyone who is aiming for a “Clean Sweep” in the Sweepstakes has about a 1 in 20 chance that my callsign will be in their log.

This 1 in 20 thing came from looking at the submitted scores from last year and seeing how many of those lived in what would now be concidered the New RAC section of Ontario East (ONE)

The band conditons at the start of the Sweeps will dictate what catagory I enter.  If the bands are really strong I will be QRP but if the bands are not the best (in my opinion) then it will be the Low Power (100w) Catagory…  I’m hoping for QRP but guessing Low Power…

After some testing with the tuner I will be active from 10m to 160m with the strongest bands being 15m, 20m and 40m and a reasonable showing should occur on 10m and 80m….  If you listen closely you might hear a low signal on 160 if you are within about 500 miles of Ottawa…

The deal is that I put the best signal I can out there….  and its up to the rest of you to have a good enough station to copy my signals and then we both look good…

Good luck and I hope to get you in log…



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