Taking a break from the Sweeps

I’ve managed to give to give out 115 ONE’sa so far.  A few of the operators were REALLY PLEASED including the Michigan State University Stn who thought that this gave them a Clean Sweep…

A few of the stations must not of read the rules as they actually argued about me giving them a bogus section as it ON for Ontario and there is no ONE as there is no Ontario East…  Hope they read the rules before next year…

My big issue seem to be copying the exchange as most of the operators seems to cut over to a voice keyer for most of the exchange but I found it hard when the voice keyer comes back in a different voice than the operators…. The change of voices in mid exchange just throws me for a loop…  I gave up even trying to copy the exchange and just give out my exchange and won’t bother submitting my score….

My logs will be u/l to LoTW and Club Log after the event so if anyone needs a log check they can do it that way.  If you were in my log an EQSL was also automatically sent out so you will know if you made it or not…

After brunch I’ll get back and give out a few more… to the lucky “ONE”s….


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4 Responses to “Taking a break from the Sweeps”

  1. VE3CLQ Says:

    I think your problems with “ONE” are just the tip of the iceberg Bob. I’m sure the same thing will happen during next years Field Day, and the other contests between then and now.

    Perhaps we need to send the ARRL a message to get the word out on the change??


  2. VA3QV Says:

    the message was well sent out Bill…. Perhaps just not well read…. as nothing ever changes in ham radio …. right!!

  3. VA3DPA Says:

    I had trouble with the voice keyers too,, I always thought it was another station cutting in and I ended up missing the end of the exchange.

    • VA3QV Says:

      I know what you mean…. Sorry it had to happen to you but glad to see it was not only me….

      Outside of that I had a great time in the SWEEPS and already looking forward to it next year…

      Its fun being the ONE that everyone else is looking for


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