End of the Sweeps

Well the ARRL 2012 SSB Sweepstakes are finished for another year…. 

I managed to give out 200 ONE(s) and I am curious how many of the Clean Sweeps had VA3QV in the log….

As I mentioned earlier in a previous blog post…

The deal is that I put the best signal I can out there….  and its up to the rest of you to have a good enough station to copy my signals and then we both look good…

Using my Yaesu FT 450 and S9 43 foot vertical antenna along with VE3MPG’s MFJ Manual tuner I managed to make contacts on 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m and 80m.  As mentioned above I only made 200 QSO’s (thats all the time I had for it).  I had hoped to spend more time on the contest but it was not to be…

Highlights….  I managed to complete my WAS assuming everyone confirms their contacts and I was also able to get VY1EI in the log as my 3rd (ever)Yukon Territories Contact.  Hopefully he will be there in just over a month for the 2012 RAC Canada Winter Contest as well…

Notable Contact…  Getting Scot KA3DRR (a fellow blogger) in the log from CA for the 2nd contest in the row.  It proves the first contact was not a fluke…


Highlights… Having 2 stations excitedly thank me for Ontario East after our exchange saying that ONE was the last one they were looking for…  Giving them their clean sweep…


Biggest problem… OPERATOR ERROR…. I had a big issue with copying the exchange especially when stations started out in one voice and then switched over to their voice keyer for the rest of the exchange.  I just could not copy it that way….  Even with my headphones on… Finally I just got fed up and stopped copying their exchanges…  I just gave out contacts…  I was in it to give out the contacts anyway… 

As I found out….  making the contacts was easy…  logging the contacts is much harder….

Just wait till next year


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