The text message reads ” I’m OK”

The two works that can bring so much joy, relief or questioning depending on when you recieve them….

For me it happened early this am when my my daughter sent me a Text Message….

The question being whats going on????  as when I went to bed earlier all was OK with the world…

As it turns out there was an incident at her apartment building overnight and she was worried that if I had seen the news I would of suddenly had my blood pressure shoot up towards “Tilt” as the news reports were mentioning a Female Victim…  And at my usual wake up time, when I would of checked the news…  the reports were still sketchy…

The joy came after I knew what had happened which turned to relief when I knew my “little girl” was safe…

They do tell us that in case of an emergency to use text messages to update family and friends of your status….

First time I ever got one…


ps… sorry about the non radio related blog post….  but it might remind you to have the talk about this with friends and family for when something does hit the fan.  As communicatiors we have to look after our family first before we can assist our community…


2 Responses to “The text message reads ” I’m OK””

  1. Vernon Erle Ikeda Says:

    Hi Bob, I think it was at the APCO 2004 conference that I attended, it was mentioned at a seminar given by the then ARRL National Emergency Communications personal that texting was much better than a mobile phone call for short messages as it uses less network bandwidth. The only down side is that there is no checking done to see if the message actually arrives like the normal e-mail system does.

  2. Bas PE4BAS Says:

    Thanks for the post Bob. I’m happy your daughter is ok. It really is a relief when you get a message like that. It’s so easy to do these days but easily forgotten. 73, Bas

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