1 month till the RAC Canada Winter Contest

Anyway…  back to Radio stuff….

For those of you who are into very casual contesting…

The 2012 RAC Winter Contest is on December 29th starting at 0000 UTC



And this is everything you will need to know about the RAC Canada Winter Contest…  almost…

What it does not tell you is that its a fun way to spend as much of the 24 hours that you can on the radio…  You can talk across Canada and its normally your best chance ( Along with the RAC Canada Day Contest) to find stations from All of the Canadian Provinces and Territorities on the Air…

If you want to have fun or just finish off your Worked all Canada…  Its the place to be…

CU on the air


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2 Responses to “1 month till the RAC Canada Winter Contest”

  1. va2sg Says:

    Hey Bob, We’ll be VA2RAC. If you hear us, give us a shout. 73 de VA2SG

    • VA3QV Says:

      Thanks for dropping in for the visit and also thanks for the info…At 300 miles away from Ottawa I hope to get VA2RAC in the Log on 40m and 80m easily and will have to work and hope for the upper bands…

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